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Review: Dead sea mud mask from NaturaGlow

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The first time I used a dead sea mud mask was two weeks ago. The first time I ever heard of dead sea mud mask was last year on one of my numerous skin care tours on the Internet.

Apparently, dead sea mud was an item everyone was frantically looking to add to their beauty routine and to be honest, why not? And no, they didn’t have to go to Israel to have a portion, best part.

Apart from the drop dead appealing pictures of people in dead sea mud mask, which is ironic as you are supposed to be looking very dead, the mask comes with a lot of skin rewarding benefits. Coolest part is that dead sea mud masks are not only for your facial skin, you can use them on your entire body.

dead sea mud mask for acne

What is dead sea mud mask?

Dead sea mud mask is a combination of dead sea mud (major constituent) and other ingredients depending on the brand of the dead sea mud mask in question.

The Dead Sea is a body of water found between Israel and Jordan. The Israelites must be this lucky though. It is said that it is the lowermost sea on earth, it is very salty and full of natural resources and mineral salts of all kinds.

The sea-shore has a very rich mud as these naturally occurring minerals containing potassium, sodium and magnesium are washed to the shore. It is from here the mud is gotten.

Because not everyone can visit Israel for the dead sea mud, companies go to this region to extract this mud and then process into different dead sea mud products, including the dead sea mud mask. People are seen along the shores totally covered in dead sea mud from head to toe.

It is such a therapeutic mud because it not only brings the skin to youth, it helps cure a lot of ailments and skin problems on whatever part of the body. Isn’t that just cool?

Benefits of dead sea mud mask

1. It helps to treat acne

Dead sea mud has antimicrobial properties. This helps in fighting acne because some bacteria are responsible for causing this. You might as well get on a dead sea mud therapy to heal your acne.

2. It is good for a younger looking skin

Dead sea mud mask helps to remove dead skin on your face. That doesn’t surprise me, or does it? Dead sea mud removing dead skin. Okay, cool, cool. The salt and magnesium in dead sea mask greatly help to make your skin more elastic. Consistent usage will eventually result in youthful skin.

3. Great for oily skin

If you have an oily skin, dead sea mud mask is a really good product to add to your beauty routine. It helps to absorb excess oil and remove dead skin cells. This works to replace gentle exfoliation.

4. Application stimulates circulation

If you never have to massage your face with a great product all through the week, using this dead sea mud mask might cause you to give your skin a shot at better circulation.

Poor blood circulation is known to cause uneven skin tone and wrinkles, skin patches, also. By using this dead sea mud mask, you help to greatly improve blood circulation and reveal a younger looking, vibrant skin.

5. Dead sea mud mask is good for deep pore cleansing

It works similar to bentonite clay in that it deeply cleanses your skin pore, detoxifies it and revitalizes your skin. It also helps to shrink your pores and tighten your skin. Your skin is as a result going to feel great.

Dead skin mud mask by Fresh Skin Naturals

This dead mud mask is 100% natural with mineral infused materials derived from the dead sea. It has a really great consistency as you can rub it on in minutes.

The smell of this product is also heavenly. It smells so good you will want it on forever. Sadly, you have to wash this off if you won’t end up scaring the town with a black face.


Deionized water, dead sea mud, kaolin, shea butter, sun flower oil, aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil, hickory bark ectract, calendula oil, xanthan gum.

How to use dead sea mud mask

The first time I used this dead sea mud mask from Naturaglow by Abby Jo, I applied too much on my face. On subsequent usage, I was nearly accurate on measurement, I think.

So, below are steps on how to use the dead sea mud mask to get the best out of it.

1. Wash your face and pat dry. You want to apply this on a clean skin.

How to use dead sea mud mask. First, wash your face
Wash your face


How to apply dead sea mud mask on your face, pat dry
Pat dry. Didn’t know I would have to say this. Teachers must have a special grace tho’.

This will afford this mask the opportunity to reach deep within your skin and throughly cleanse your skin pores.

2. Scoop some mask little by little and apply a thin layer per time on your skin.

how to apply dead sea mud mask, scoop

How to use dead sea mud mask, apply to dry clean face
Apply o.

Make sure to leave out your eyes and your lip areas. Evenly distribute the mud mask on your face.

It comes with a silicone applicator brush with which you can apply on your face. I prefer to use my clean fingertips.

3. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes to dry.

Dead sea mud mask review
When they ask you to pose in dead sea mud mask. Arggggggrrrrrhhhhh…

You can go on scrolling Instagram or dancing to the music in your head. If you are boring, simply cross your legs and count 1- 1,000

4. With warm water, gently wash off the mud mask in circular motions and pat your face dry with a washcloth.

Dead sea mud mask review, natura glow by abby jo
I am very fine, Oloun.

5. To achieve best results, it is great to use a moisturizer afterward. I use my sandalwood moisturizer by Young Living essential oils.

Apply moisturizer after dead sea mud mask wask off
Applying Sandalwood moisturizer

I have a video but thing is that I don’t know how to edit videos and all those things. You know those videos with mad effects. Eh, I see them on YouTube and I am like, ‘comon to feem, Esther kanor feem. Is it now to edit?’

Where to buy dead sea mud mask in Nigeria

You can buy dead sea mud mask in Nigeria at Naturaglow by Abby Jo. Naturaglow sells dead sea mud mask by Fresh Skin Naturals.

Frequently asked questions about dead sea mud mask

How many times should you use dead sea mud mask?

Once or twice a week is enough. Don’t go beyond this in a week.

Are there side effects of dead sea mud mask?

Mostly nothing serious. You have to use it wrong to begin to experience side effects. Like, using it too frequently or internally. This product is for external use only.

To be sure that you won’t react badly to dead sea mud mask, especially if you have allergic reactions to new products, rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area before use. If you experience irritation, discontinue use.

Can it be applied on any kind of skin?

Yes. Oily, dry, combination skin can use dead sea mud mask. However people with sensitive skin might want to stay away from this product or at least, do a patch test.

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