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Incredibly Amazing Resorts to visit in Lagos

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Lagos is home to some very beautiful resorts that you are totally bombarded with choices as you try to make a decision on which one to visit. Resorts in Lagos may be for a romantic get-away, a wonderful honeymoon, a get-together or reunion, even a birthday celebration, one thing is certain, the mega-city of Lagos has got you covered.

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We have compiled a list of beautiful Lagos resorts just for you, you can decide to choose based on quality, services rendered, proximity or even the food, because in this life, food is important.

Amazing resorts to visit in Lagos

Inagbe Resort
Hermitage Garden Resort
Epe Resort and Spa
La Campagne Tropicana
La Manga Luxury Beach Villa
Omu Resort

Inagbe Resort

Inagbe resort offers more than just sun, sand and sea. Located at Lekki Phase 1, the island resort gives you everything you tag as fun and surprises. There is no way you would not have a touch of the Inagbe Charisma as you get served with different varieties of entertainment and social events.

With standard, deluxe and premium rooms all available for your get-way, Inagbe promises to leave you with an experience you won’t likely forget.

Hermitage Garden Resort

A paradise on the Lekki-Ajah peninsular, hermitage resort offers more than just a get-away luxury. It has the perfect view from the beach front and watch the water glow as you spur it. Watersports are the order of the day at Hermitage as you spoil yourself with different local and international cuisines.

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Epe Resort and Spa

When you close your eyes and think of paradise, you see Epe resort. Located at the end of the Epe-Lekki expressway, Epe resort and spa, offers more than you bargained for. Adjacent to different lagoons and within the confines of a lush indigenous forest, you are certain to find peace of mind away from the busy city of Lagos. The air and clear skies at this resort will ensure you have an experience you will never forget.

It is a 60 minute drive from Victoria Island, 15 minute by helicopter and 90 minutes by boat. It showcases a swimming pool, a tennis court and a jungle-gym for kids, you can also decide to visit the Eleko beach house, Epe fish farm or have a tour at the Omu Day Camp. Other side attractions include cycling and walking covering 8.2kilometres. Epe resort also has a Spa that will open soon.

La Campagne Tropicana

Africa’s most visited beach resort presents you with a wonderful touch with nature and all things African. With one of the best interior designs, La Campagne Tropicana offers you shade of colors and more colors. It is situated at coast of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by the fresh water of Ikegun Lake, over 29 different chalets to choose from and satisfy your desire and taste.

You will have all the fun you desire, away from the noise and pollution in the city of Lagos, La Campagne Tropicana offers you different games suc as quad-biking, tug-of-war, basketball and snooker, to choose from as you watch the sun set properly across the Atlantic. You get to swim in an African-shaped swimming pool with a spa by the side to help you relax, 24 hours gym access and Wi-Fi services.

La Manga Luxury Beach Villa

La Manga Luxury Beach Villa is just a 15minutes boat ride from Ikoyi and Victoria Island, with 15,000 sqm of enclosed beach front as you stare into the Atlantic on the beautiful Ilashe Island, bordering the Badagry creek.

La Manga offers Spanish architectural designed villas with four furnished beachfront bedrooms opening to private balconies, with each villa having a rooftop Jacuzzi and private lounge, a swimming pool with a poolside barbeque grill area and massage room, luxury has no better definition. La Manga is the perfect get-away spot for cocktails and weddings, social gatherings, seminars and training.

Omu Resort

Omu Resort is located in a rain forest environment at Ibeju lekki, Omu resort offers a great experience if you want to be close to nature. Situated on 22 hectares of land, and to the North is the popular Omu Creek. Omu resort offers attractions such as Kayaking, Paintball, Roller skating and trampoline skyzone for visitors and tourists. It houses a zoo for nature lovers, horse riding activities and an amusement park.

One of its upcoming attraction in the last quarter of 2018 is the Butterfly Sanctuary – the largest collection of butterflies in Africa. And that will be a wonderful way to do Christmas and end the year.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I never knew we have places as beautiful as these in Lagos, only being hearing there names and only get to see LA Campaign Tropicana alone.

    1. Oh, there are beautiful places like these in Lagos.

  2. Ngozi says:

    Heaven on earth! Been to epe resorts before tho

    1. Okay. Must have been a lovely experience.

  3. Ede Mercy says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Im particularly happy when i see writers promoting attractive place in and around Nigeria as a whole.

    However, one problem i have is with the images you guys use.. Take for example, Hermitage, Inagbe and La Manga…Those images are deceptive.

    Its better you use the real images rather than use some luxury image somewhere and people thinks these places are that fantastic and when visits, they gets disappointed.

    I have been a victim of this image deceit couple of times. See nice pictures and i be like wow… And i get there and it then seem like i was in a wrong place.

    Mr Bentley

    1. Thank you for commenting. This must have been a lack of due diligence in my searching for pictures. I will go back to properly checking and removing the images I assumed were for the resorts. Thank you Mr Bentley

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