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7 Reasons you should steam your hair

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If you have never steamed your hair, our mission is to get you asking for your shower cap and getting on to it right away.

Throughout history, hair has played an important role in our society: it is associated with youth and beauty in women and masculinity in men; so it’s not surprising that hair loss can make many men and women feel ugly and sometimes, embarrassed.

What is hair steaming?

This is the process whereby heat moisture is used to open up hair follicles and pores on the scalp for easier absorbance of moisture.

The hair steamer is popular in the natural hair community, not only to add body and loosen a curly pattern but also to open the pores of the scalp during deep conditioning.

Steam is a fantastic tool for girls with thick, dense hair. Steam, heat, and moisture can penetrate the skin of the scalp and dander. When you add steam to your naturally curly hair regime at least once or twice a month, it will produce incredible results.

Steam is not just for deep conditioning days, vapour helps those who desire thicker hair to get these results without using selection

Choosing it is always an option, but it sometimes disturbs the pattern of loops we apply. The use of a steamer concentrates the steam in an area, which adds body and definition to the roots.

When we go to bed at night, our hair tends to flatten and we leave our head resting on a pillow. Steaming is a faster way to bring the body back to flattened loops without handling the selection.

You should by the way sleep in a satin hair bonnet, this helps to retain hair moisture and decrease hair dryness and breakage.

Hand vapors can be found in your local beauty salon, though they can be a bit expensive. You can learn how to steam your hair at home too.

How to steam your hair without a steamer || Melissa Denise

7 reasons you should steam your hair

When you evaporate your hair, you create a moist environment that is only for hydration instead of the natural dry air that surrounds us. Steaming helps replenishes moisture content that could be lost during our daily routines. Hair steaming does not have to take too much time or be done every day, but you will begin to see the following differences and benefits in your hair if you decide to go one step further.

Increases fluid retention

Just like anything that adds moisture to your hair, there are many benefits to using a hair steamer if your braids are natural. The best-known benefit is fluid retention.

The use of hair steamers keeps the hair hydrated to prevent it from breaking and being elastic. That’s why you help use a hair spray to keep moisture out of your hair through steam, as well as products that are placed on your curled curls.

Think about it: if your hair is dry, it cannot keep its appearance fresh. If your hair is well hydrated, you will not have that problem, and a steamer can help you achieve that goal.

Improved curls

If you consider the definition, The increase in fluid retention also helps to reshape and stimulate your curls.
Fluid retention, of course, is defined as the ability of hair to retain moisture, maintain protective styles such as bantu knots, braids, twists, and scrolls, and also reduce frizz and breakage.

The increase in fluid retention will also help reform and increase your curls. It will not change the texture of your hair (if done at the right time, no more than thirty minutes), but it will make your hair look different / better.

Strengthen it

Steaming your hair helps create stronger strands that are “more elastic”. The elasticity of your hair will help you control the health of your hair. What this means is that your curls return to their original state after being stretched.

The steam provides the necessary moisture to keep you in a strong elastic state. This is the key for those who struggle with their transition (as we all do) because it can be difficult to calculate their elasticity when the line of demarcation is weak. Strengthening the hair also helps comb and maintain the length.

Update / Rejuvenate

What I like most about steaming is the fact that I do not have to get my head wet all day long, no matter if I remove my hair or have a protective style. I live in Akwa Ibom and our climate gets very crazy when we enter the fall/winter months. In a week you can have an extremely hot day, a wet rainy day or a very cold day. With this change, I can not always have a wet head with my schedule. Steaming allows a session of stirring without moistening my head.

Open the hair skin

If you have to deal with dry and damaged hair, the steam will help you open the cuticles. Why is it important for you to ask?

When conditioning the hair in depth, make sure you can penetrate the hair shaft. To achieve this, you need to add a small amount of heat to your hair. For this reason, people usually sit under a hood dryer when they are in deep conditioning conditions.

The heat generated by the steam gently opens the dandruff layer, allowing the deep care products, moisturizer or other products to penetrate deep into the hair strands so you can take full advantage of the product.

This can be the most important part of steaming. As it can fade for various purposes, it can also lift/open the cuticles for a variety of reasons.

Stretching / easier handling

Another great benefit of regular hair steaming is to give your hair more power. When you use a hair steamer for your hair, the locks become more elastic and healthier for the touch and for the eyes.

This is especially important for women who go from relaxed to natural. Because of the different structure of the hair, the exact line where the two textures meet is the one that is weakest in the wick.

By injecting steam into your hair, it becomes more elastic, especially in the area where the two textures are. It also means that the hair is much easier to handle.

Promotes growth

Using a hair amp (hair steaming) helps cool the scalp, which can promote hair growth. By incorporating steam into your natural hair regimen, your products will not stay on your hair, but will penetrate their stem, moisten your hair, cause less breakage and help lengthen the hair over time. Steaming relaxed hair is the same as steaming natural hair. There are no specific instructions for using a vaporizer if your hair is unnatural.

Steamed natural hair promotes hair growth because steaming helps generate moisturizing water. It also helps to increase the flow of natural oils in your scalp while moisturizing your hair. By adding this to your natural hairstyle, you can choose the right direction for your natural hair.

Now go on and get your hair steamed.

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Featured image: Hair steamer; qredew products

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