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15 Random Nuggets from #Unbroken2018

Nuggets from Unbroken2018

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#Unbroken2018 by Harvesters International Christian Center reminded me of relational principles I have had slip through.

You won’t find me in relationship conferences or seminars. I don’t bother to go for even the ones I am invited to. I attended these seminars in 100Level and I bet you, they are enough for a lifetime.


Come to think of it, everyone always had to organize a relationship seminar. You don’t want to be a gathering of youths, oh my, you’d be taught how to date. Funny thing was that all of these talks sounded the same. I pretty got tired of all of them.

Last week Friday was when #Unbroken2018 by The Harvesters International Christian Center was going to begin. Out of boredom, I succumbed to pressure and ended up at Harvesters Gbagada for the first time ever.

I want to share a few of the lessons in 15 nuggets.

15 random nuggets from #Unbroken2018


1. No dating should be aimless. If it is not marriage oriented, forget it.

2. God will reward you for holding on to his biblical principles concerning love, relationship, and marriage.

3. Whatever you do to improve your relationship with God is insurance for your marriage.

4. You are helpless without God

5. Secure yourself with profitable relationships.

6. Three sets of people are important in your life – people you lift up (mentees/proteges), people who sharpen you (true friends), people who lift you up (mentors)

7. Increase the distance between you and people who draw you back in your relationship with God.

8. You need discipline to present your body as a sacrifice. Worship and true devotion don’t come automatically because you are a Christian.

9. The word of God should be your opinion. Let it be your mentality.

10. Be planted in church.

11. You will bear fruit even in old age so don’t be in a rush to get married on account of age.


12. If God does not get his son, you can’t have a husband of him.

13. Dating just for the fun of it is like playing games. Boredom isn’t enough to go into a relationship.

14. When you clean up your makeup at night, what do you really see? Work at being whole, outward beauty is not really who you are.

15. Give yourself a chance to heal after a painful breakup. Rebounds do not cause proper restoration.

Which of these 15 nuggets resonates with you?

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(10) Comments

  1. Oluwakemi says:

    The whole 15 nuggets resonates with me. I’m so happy you shared these with us. The 15 nuggets should be all considered. They are all making a very good sense. Thanks Esther for putting these beautiful lessons up. Number one point really got me thinking. Thanks a bunch.

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      I am so glad this blessed you.

  2. Hmmmm… No. 6 is really important. Thanks a lot for this inspiring write up.

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      You are welcome

  3. Tinubu Simileoluwa says:

    I think number 15 resonates with me right now. Why didn’t I know about Harvester’s Programme?

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      Oh yea? I stumbled on it through a friend too o.

  4. You see that number 1??? People don’t understand it. It doesn’t mean you MUST marry that person. It just means there’s no need dating someone you already know from the outset that you cannot marry, or with whom there were no serious intentions.

    Even if you both don’t marry eventually, that’s ok. But at least, you did not enter the relationship, like a passenger getting into a bus going just anywhere.

    Own your life. I know this is the age of being cool with causal dating. But even as you date “casually”, let it be a deliberate and sensible investment of time and your heart.

    (Ok… I just ended up sounding like my mother. ???)

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      Exactly. You get the point! Why waste emotions and time and energy on something I knew would not last from the outset? Such a waste! I think it would help a great deal if we all sounded like our mothers, lol. Ahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa…..

  5. Funmilola says:

    Number 8 though. I can be so lazy. I think we just feel being saved is enough. Thank you for coming to my house, this was for me.

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      Great, Funmilola! We should work out our salvation too.

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