Protective Cornrows Styles

Protective cornrows
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Protective cornrows to Style your hair with.

Hey sweeties,  it’s another Monday,  only that this one is for rest. An extension of the May Day holiday is such a great way to start the week. I wish I was able to go see a movie today because I envisage another busy week,  starting from tomorrow. I am not working but I think it’s fair enough to enjoy this rest with workers, lol.

This is where I am supposed to say Happy workers’ day,  so HAPPY WORKERS’ DAY. LIKE Maxim Gorky put it –  “When work is a pleasure, life is a joy. When work is a duty, life is slavery.” I pray that we find something pleasurable out of which we can fend for ourselves.

This is another post in my hair and beauty segment ; I am having two in a row which doesn’t happen every time. Let’s talk about protective styles. These are hair styles that help to keep the ends of your hair out of sight. This helps to prevent breakage and preserve hair moisture. There are different types of protective hair styles, cornrows is just one of them. I particularly like it because of its low maintenance. The all-back style is one of the easy, time-saving hair styles to try.

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I like that I don’t have to comb and oil unending. To wake up in the morning,  do a little bit of brushing and dash out of the house is such a cool goal. Who wouldn’t love simple mornings? Brushing isn’t even difficult for me,  oiling is what puts me off. I don’t like to apply oil to anything and that’s because of my oily face. I get to clean off oil all day,  adding it to my hair just freaks me out.

I also like how younger they make you look. Whenever you are in a fix about what hair style to make just go for cornrows – low maintenance,  younger look and money saving. So,  cornrows! They are just life savers,  aren’t they?

Protective cornrows style

Protective cornrows
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Protective cornrows
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Protective cornrows
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Protective cornrows
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Protective cornrows
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What do you think of cornrows? Would you give it a try to any of these protective cornrows styles?