Private vs. Public Marriage Proposal. Which do You Prefer?

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Roses in love shape for proposal
Photo via @weddingdresslookbook

Marriage proposals these days are becoming events people long to experience. It doesn’t matter if you are not the bride-to-be sef. My people, we love feferity shaaaaaaaaa. Wasn’t it our parents the groom would approach many years back? It was so simple back then. Don’t you wish we were back in those days? Kidding! Heck no!

Well well well… There are many cases of bride-to-be go way emotional during marriage proposals. I like the ones that do so in a cute way,  I don’t freaking care if it’s all staged, just make it cute. Buahahahahahahahaaaa. But you see ehn, I once saw the video of a woman who fainted. Jeez! And it was public. I so wished deep down that it was a private sontin. We would faint ourselves to death and dust off the embarrassment lol. One other girl kept running around without accepting the ring. And that was even a private proposal. Chai.

So,  my question is this? Would you prefer a private or public marriage proposal? Why? Join the conversation in the comments section.

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