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Top 7 Tips For Getting a Private Hostel Accommodation In Yaba

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If you are a student of Unilag, I am pretty sure that my tips for getting a private hostel accommodation in Yaba would interest you a great deal. Securing a private hostel in Lagos is not as straightforward as signing up for a bed space on your school’s website. Even that isn’t easy these days. I see the struggle for hostel accommodation here in Unilag.

The interesting thing about private hostels is that you don’t have to be a student of Unilag or any other school for that matter to qualify for a bed space. I stay in one of the private hostels around Yaba at the moment. It is not even a short let or short-term arrangement. I paid for a full year and this is my second year in the same hostel.There are a few more other people (who are not students) staying in this private hostel. Some belong to the working class, some are currently serving, the rest are just Lagos hustlers, well freelancers, lol and of course, Unilag students.

There are a lot of other female hostels around Yaba. You will hardly find male hostels around Yaba, they are mostly mixed, for both male and female or solely female hostels.

This blog post is to help you find a good private hostel around Yaba if you were not able to secure the school’s hostel accommodation. If you are not a student and are in need of a hostel around Unilag, this post is also going to be of much help to you. I also want to lay before you some precautions and things to avoid so that you are not scammed.

Many of the real estate agents you see walking around are ruthless liars. I have not personally met the plainly truthful ones. All I do is juxtapose their lying levels. Okay, this one’s lies are not up to that one. Let me try him and hope to God his criminal levels are not as high as the others.

I am saying this because if you want to get a hostel bed space in Lagos (or anywhere for that matter) and you are a new student, you will have to go and prepare a ‘how to be smart’ concoction and gulp it down very fast. Admission can be so pressing that the time frame between ‘not-admitted’ and ‘now admitted, settled down in school and with a hostel accommodation’ is just a minute.

Some of you may not get accommodation in school (I hate to unwrap bad news). When mine happened in 300 Level, I was thrown into utter panic and scattered confusion. I was not prepared but I got lucky. There were newly built private hostels within Unilorin, ready to be launched by us.

Tips For Getting a Private Hostel Accommodation In Yaba

I will share tips for getting a good private hostel around Unilag or Yaba as a whole if you are a student, working class or just in need of a decent apartment in Lagos for a while.

Check for Proximity to the Campus or your place of work

Don’t get a place where you can’t wake up, get dressed and be in class (if you are a student) in 15 minutes under duress. There will be impromptu lectures, tests, and even exams. They may not happen so frequently but the once-in-a-while occurrence will make you detest the entirety of your student life if your hostel is far.

If you are in the working class category, this is a no-brainer. Lagos is too stressful for places that are too far from where you work.

Road network

Some areas in Yaba are notoriously bad and rough. If you own a car, you might want to go check for your apartment in Yaba in the rainy season. It gives you an idea of how easy or difficult it is to ply the road. If the major road to the private hostel is bad, are there alternative routes?

As simple as this looks, this might be the difference between an awesome private hostel accommodation experience and a difficult one. I do not own a car yet but boarding bikes and tricycles has not been easy either. The road to my hostel is really bad. The only reason why I have stayed here is that I weighed so many other factors and chose to pick “the lesser of two evils”.

Check, double-check and silly check for basic amenities

Water and electricity are two of the most important. And then, what we usually never ever check for – the quality of water. If you read my post on finding good apartments in Lagos, you will clearly understand why I am stressing this. Hard water is not a joke. Unfortunately, I live in a hostel with hard water. That has affected my skin a whole lot. Dove Beauty Bar has been the only bath soap that has helped to provide thorough moisture because hard water dries your skin so much that it feels very tight.

How is the electricity in the area? Is there a common generator? How long will it be on in case power becomes erratic? Ask questions. Ask questions from people living there. Don’t stop at what real estate agents tell you. They get their commission and they are out! You are in!

Inspect before you pay

I know it sounds like an intelligently obvious point but really, inspect the hostel. Inspect the rooms too. Some real estate agents are fond of giving you fake assurance. Do not take any real estate agent by their word. Go see for yourself and be sure you are okay with the room condition and size.

Check if the room is a self-contained hostel or just a room. A self-contained private hostel has in them a bathroom, toilet, and a kitchen within the room. You practically have no business moving out of the room to do anything except you need to. Many of the self-contained hostels in Yaba are pretty neat, you might want to go for them than single rooms where you have little control of the way the restroom is used. Check PropertyPro for a range of other flats and apartments you might be interested in.

Compare prices with other hostels around Yaba

Because of the hostel accommodation rush, you may, later on, begin to spank yourself. I didn’t mean that in a sensual way, trust me. See, if you have to put up with someone, manage with a relative or something, do so until you find a good apartment.

Give yourself time to sample round to your satisfaction. Some of the expensive hostels may scream comfort that you will eventually find unnecessary. Our tastes and quest for comfort differ. You may not mind staying in a room without a fan, someone else might go extra lengths to get one with an AC. So compare your comfort level with prices.

If you are not the TV type and a prospective hostel bed space is ridiculously expensive because of the TV, just ignore. You might prefer YouTube or watch movies on your system.

Upper or Lower bunk?

As trivial as this sounds, decide whether you want an upper or lower bunk. This decision might determine a lot of things for the rest of your staying in that hostel. If you are comfortable with coming down the bunk frequently, well then, upper bunk.

Inquire of the hostel rules and etiquette

Some private hostels in Yaba are more favorable to students than non-students. Don’t pay before asking to see the rules if you are in the working class category or a freelancer. Thankfully, I have no issues with the rules in my private hostel. Some of my friends have told me they really can’t understand how comfortable those rules are for me.

The irony of it all is that I decided to go for a private hostel accommodation because of the rules. I don’t know, for example, how I would deal with a weed addicted neighbor on my own or a dirty environment or security or waste disposal or electricity bills. The fact that all of that is taken care of makes it easier on me.

If there is a curfew in the private hostel accommodation you are looking at, ask for when it starts. If that doesn’t work for you, you can as well check out other private hostels around Yaba.

Do you have any other tips for getting a good private hostel accommodation in Lagos? Have you stayed in a private hostel in Yaba, please share your experience in the comments section.

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