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How to become a popular Nigerian Blogger

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The truth is that fame does not necessarily translate to more financial gains for you as a Blogger if that is perhaps why you clicked to read this post but if fame is, or part of your definition of success as a Nigerian Blogger, why not?

We have seen people turn their fame into gold. Just look at what some of the BBNaija participants who didn’t win turned their fame into. The ability to make something good out of your fame is in essence not dependent on fame itself but on you and your creativity.

The other day, while I wrote on 25 things I have learned in 25 years, I mentioned that social media fame does not always add money to your bank account.

All I am trying to do, firstly, is to help you understand that becoming a popular Nigerian Blogger isn’t all that you will need to make a success out of your blogging career but it sure is a good springboard on which you can fly.

Becoming a popular Blogger in Nigeria might help you sell that book faster, it might get you in the eyes of major advertisers, it may land you really good deals, it might provide the platform for you to launch other beautiful things on the internet, say your own social media platform.

Linda Ikeji pulled that off because she was already a popular Nigerian Blogger.

Becoming a famous Blogger may be all you need to get more people to listen to you and your cause. In fact, it may be the only opportunity for you to change the world the way you have always wanted to. I mean, if you can wield that much social influence online…

And oh well, it might be the ticket to finally becoming wealthy, or not. The fact remains still that a popular Nigerian Blogger has more chances at building a house in Banana Island than a Blogger who is not even in the least known at all.


1. Learn from the masters

There are so many theoretical advice and untested and unproven strategies that people have come up with in the past. While knowing all of this is a good start and a guide, watching and learning is absolutely the best of it all.

I have seen people break some of the blogging rules you hold so sacred in the first place and rise to fame in Nigerian Blogging.

This is not a nudge to copy and paste people’s processes, it is a call to watch and learn. Who is doing well in your niche? Watch them. What are they doing differently? What can you pick and finetune into your own processes? What mistakes have they made and publicly made known? How do you avoid them and move faster?

2. Collaborate and Network with other Bloggers

If you are watching the masters well, you would see how well they collaborate. If you are not comfortable or just getting started on networking with other Bloggers, you can read this article. It is an awesome guide.

If you collaborate enough, you can leverage their audience and get more attention to your brand while they also reap the same rewards.

3. Enlist the help of your immediate circle

Listen, if you have enough loving friends and supportive family members, you can become a famous Nigerian Blogger in no time. One person knows at least 50 people on whatsapp, has at least one social media platform they are active on, knows one more person they can convince to expand their reach.

The potential audience of just one devoted and committed friend is nothing less than a thousand heads. The faster you realize that you cannot become popular by yourself, the quicker you are on the road to fame.

If you have 20 of this kind of friend/family member, imagine your reach. Just look for 20 of them. The ones that are not bothered by your desire to become a popular Blogger, the ones who are ready to take up your cause like its theirs and watch your reach expand explosively.

Have you ever had your blog post shared so much that it got to you? This might happen any time soon if you use this strategy.

There’s something though, write shareable content!

I have found it very difficult to share some blog posts because they are either bland or so self-centered. Let’s be frank with ourselves, it’s not easy to share a blog post that is all about what a blogger thinks of her dog.

It had better be so enthralling that movie producers are considering adapting it into a movie or so interesting that people are asking for a second part.

You know when an article is shareable, you do. So, make it easy on the people you are about to ask to join you in your journey to becoming famous.

4. Increase your brand searches

Branded searches are keywords that have the name of your brand in them. It could be keywords solely containing the name of your brand/site or a combination of keywords with your brand name.

They are really good because they help you build authority online, increase your rankings for other non-branded searches and position you as the go-to brand in a particular niche.

I posted this on one of my SEO Whatsapp groups and have decided to come to share it on my blog too. So, this segment may not be as properly formatted as my regular blog posts.

How do you increase your branded search volume?

i. Blog long enough

An example is and These foreign bloggers are my best amongst others. A friend and I were discussing Joanna Goddard yesterday (Cup of Jo) and mhen, I have never seen someone so consistent in my entire life. She started her blog in 2007 and has not looked back since then.

In fact, without intentionally optimizing her blog, her SEO is on point and this all goes to prove that you can actually do well on search engines without intentionally optimizing. This one is for another day though.

A local example is sisiyemmie. People actually type “cupcakes sisi yemmie”, “ogbono soup sisiyemmie”, nigerian jollof rice sisi yemmie” etc….

ii. Direct more backlinks to your landing page. It is good to have backlinks to other pages as they boost the PA which in turns helps for overall DA, but do more to your LP. When you direct backlinks to your homepage, use your brand name as anchor text.

iii. You can sometimes add your brand name to your urls e.g

iv. Write viral-worthy content. Nigerians are generally stingy, we don’t share people’s posts. Even to like, war! But you can write content that will make that their akagum hands share. That’s another topic for another day.

v. Get popular on places other than your blog

If people are constantly talking about you, they will go and search for you on Google and that is a very good way to ping search engines on your relevance.

Neil Patel went really crazy on this a long time ago. He admitted that it was a bad mistake but the good part is that it helped. He asked girls on just bikini and stuff to model for him, they had Neil Patel written across their chests and people got curious, went to search for him.

That was not really a good approach and as he admitted, that was desperate. One, it is not sustainable. Two, people are going to be associating bad stuff with your brand, you need to stick to your message.

Long and short of this is that you get popular. YouTube is going to be the most relevant social media channel as regards to blogging. I usually advice new brands to open a YouTube Channel alongside. I don’t have the energy and resources for it just yet but as soon as I do, I am popping my YouTube, very important.

NaijaSingleGirl is reaping from Instagram; SisiYemmie, YouTube.

Just leave your trail everywhere on the internet. Be careful not to spread yourself too thin though, choose your battles.

The point is just to get people to intentionally look for you on Google. And this is, in reality, a sum total of all that you do on your blog, off your blog (in other online spaces) and offline.

5. Genuinely help people on your blog

Some of the very popular Bloggers rose to fame while they didn’t even plan it. All they did was genuinely help and share information that was so helpful. With that, they began to accumulate so many social shares that their community could not ignore.

Everyone wanted to know who this Blogger was and why the article was so awesome! Genuinely help. If you are not in the Blogging sphere that has to disseminate information, be yourself. Being yourself as a fashion Blogger, for example, will help you come correct to your readers in the most comfortable of your personalities.

People want human beings, not robots or fakes. They want to either learn or connect, so give them the opportunity to do either or both.

6. Write what people want to read

I have mentioned it in different ways in this post already. If you are not writing on something that naturally interests people, you cannot become popular in Nigeria.

I am not asking you to write on things you would rather not be interested in talking about or are not proud of but I want you to consider the possibility that your kind of content may not give you the famous pass.

Many of the popular Bloggers are in the entertainment niche. Music, celebrity gossip and what have you. The ones who are lifestyle Bloggers had to pick food or fashion to major in. Nigerians like food and fashion, at least, when they are not reading about other people’s lives.

If you want to pull this off no matter your niche though, investigate what people like. Conduct a poll, check what other Bloggers are doing and how people respond to their different categories of posts, watch how people respond to your own posts too, ask readers what they would like to read more often on your blog, generally listen.

What lessons have you picked from popular Nigerian Bloggers in times past? What have these people done to get them to stardom?

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