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[Podcast] Episode 8 : 26 lessons in 26 years

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In this episode of the podcast, I share 26 things I have learned in 26 years as I turn 27. If you will never listen to the podcast, lol, here is a mini transcript/summary of lessons I have learned so far. 

1. There is always a better level. It doesn’t matter where you are right now.
2. Don’t wait for life, do life.
3. God is probably not who we think he is. Our understanding is limited still.
4. Love covers a lot of sins.
5. You are called unto a purpose. Find it.
6. Friendships are the most naturally blossoming relationships.
7. Don’t let the world turn your love to hate.
8. Money slips away.
9. Live while you can because life happens only once.
10. Never underestimate rats.
11. Peace is not the absence of troubles.
12. Don’t dwell on your mistakes forever.
13. Give people the benefit of the doubt.
14. Audit your relationships as frequently as possible.
15. Church attendance does a lot to your spiritual growth.
16. Assumption is so wicked.
17. You can live without soft drinks after all.
18. Exercise is a form of self-care.
19. Ask questions.
20. Don’t speak while you are hungry.
21. Siblings are the most entitled clan on earth.
22. Invest in personal development.
23. Always look your best.
24. The end is not always the most important.
25. Embrace your process.
26. Life is too short for boring meals.

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