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[Podcast] Episode 11: Why Are Christian Movies So Terrible?

Why are christian movies so terrible. why are christian movies so boring

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I understand that we are trying to work a message into a Faith theme and wrap this all in a complicated art- movies but where do we finally sit back and enjoy reality in Christian movies? Why are Christian movies boring and devoid of finesse?

In this episode, I talk about what I think the problem is. Sadly, solutions that come to mind all center around bringing excellence and modernism into the Faith-based movie process. 


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  1. It is okay, to your question… Christian movies to me will get better, but I don’t think it is all Christian films… It gets better day by day though.. Mount Zion is trying with this, it will get better. A thing I know is, all this films aside from the acting posses to pass a message across to the viewer. Most times, it doesn’t take perfection for God to pass a message across.. I believe, we will get there…

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      Amen. I pray so. Thank you for commenting.

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