please pray for me

Please Pray For Me

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How else was I going to get you to click on this post? No worries, I am fine and this is a click bait.

Not really a click bait. Whatever. I just want to talk about some stuff and hear your thoughts.

When people ask you to pray for them, do you remember to add them in your prayers?

I mean, like, “God, I commit Sade into your hands, she is having problems finding the right eyeshadow colour for her birthday makeup”.

You know…

I have a system that works for me. I will say it in the comments section.

Your turn first, do you remember to put people in your prayers when they ask you to?

Update: I wrote this post yesterday and I was really fine. Today has been a struggle, I lost someone today and it’s been really difficult to get over it. Please pray for me, really. Thank you.

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