12 Times Pink Nail Art Blew My Mind on Pinterest

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Thing is this, I can’t hide it anymore. Sometimes I go on Pinterest to drool over nail art. If this is something to be ashamed of, please let me know! 

I literally go check trendy nail art designs for the season. The sad news is that when I take these pictures to my nail salon, they are not able to get me what I want and that breaks my heart. I just end up leaving the shop with the same old and boring designs, which are mostly plain, by the way. 

Of all the nail art designs I am fascinated by, pink stands out amongst the rest. It is better when it is baby pink. As I write, this is what I have on my fingers now, baby pink nails!

Say hi to them

my pink nailsBecause I have too many saved pictures of baby pink nail art, I thought some of them might interest you too. To be honest with you, the only reason you’d see more shorter pink nails than longer pink nails is that coupled with the fact that I love pink nails, I love short nails in particular. 

The longer, the less fancy for me. Those long things look like claws man! Did I also mention that fixing long nails renders me very useless the entire time?

12 Nail art ideas I grabbed from Pinterest

These pictures are not mine. Luckily the owners of these photos have watermarked so this makes it easy to credit them. Enjoy!

Which of these pink nail art spoke to your soul? Lol.

P.S – short acrylic nails and nail art designs to spice up your manicure

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