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#PiggyBankProject2019 by Omobyy

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In 2018, Omobolanle Adeyemo, also known as Omobyy had recovered 101K from her piggy bank. I shared the story here.

This year, guess what? She broke her piggy bank and found 224K! Whoops.

Below are her tips to help you save for 2019. You may need to go get your own piggy bank right away.

“If you’ve never joined us and you wanna join #PiggyBankProject2019, here are some helpful tips.

? Start today. No procrastination. You never achieve or enjoy the dividends of what you’ve never started.

? How do you start? If you can’t get one at the moment, start with using a plastic bottle. My kolo for this year has been bought already. This is how committed I am to starting on the first day of the year.

? Try as much as possible to put in notes daily; loose notes that you’ll normally spend on frivolities or money from side hustle, cash gifts etc.

? No low domination notes, please. If you must put this into your bank, please have a separate piggy bank for this. The goal here is to get as much as possible at the end of your saving period. Low denomination notes would ruin this.

? Be committed to this. This sounds cliché but you wouldn’t go far in this without discipline. Discipline would keep you in check, prevent you from breaking your bank before your due date.

?? It doesn’t matter if you have to break your bank earlier than your probable date to meet a need. That’s the whole essence of this project – to have money handy to meet you during your rainy day.

? Think of the joy of delaying gratification while saving. This would sustain you while you save.

? Remove your savings before any expense. This would prevent you from saving after you’ve spent all your earnings or saving below your target.

? Piggy banks are different from investment plans. I can’t stress this enough. The money in your piggy bank does NOT grow. You only get accumulated funds of what you’ve saved over a period of time.

? Keep your piggy bank away from thieves and external persons. My hubby did an excellent job in helping sage guarding my bank when I was away.

Remember, anyone can develop financial discipline (that includes you!), it just takes a willingness to change and develop new habits. When you do, your finances will take a turn for the better – you’ll have more money, save more money, and build more financial security for you and your family.

So, here is wishing all of you an amazing 2019 filled with accomplished dreams, favours, happiness and love. May you get the courage to pursue all your dreams this new year.

And when it’s finally December 2019, may you look back with gratitude in your hearts, praise in your lips and joy in your hearts.

Have an amazing year! Lots of love.❤️❤️”

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