how to get the job of your dreams

How to get the job of your dreams

Last week, I shared some nuggets on my Whatsapp status and it is on how to get the job of your dreams. It seems as though that message might not have reached its potential capacity yet given the limited audience I have on Whatsapp compared to my blog here. So I have decided to copy …

12 fun things to do when you are alone, things to do when you are all by yourself, things to do when you are at home

12 Fun Things to do Alone

The funny thing about being alone most of the time is that you might very frequently switch from freedom to boredom. One minute, you are happy that you don’t have to seek permission from anyone to be anything. The next minute you are wondering why you are all by yourself in the first place. Well, …

Kasanova nollywood movie, movie review, Kasonova movie review

Kasanova 2019 (Nollywood Movie) Review

I didn’t enjoy Kasanova. It’s okay, you can shoot me. I mean, reviews seem to be more positive than negative but sorry, I can’t deal. I get it, your favorite Nollywood actors are in Kasanova but hear me out, please. The comedy part of this Romcom was the bomb but the romance churned my belly. …

my 1000th blog post
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My 1000th blog post!

I have so much to say that I don’t exactly know where to start from. This isn’t even as bizarre as the fact that I don’t know how my 1000th blog post should go. This can only happen once, reaching 1000. I understand that there are so many blog metrics and while this doesn’t seem …