Optimizing Your Performance While On Keto Diet
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5 Helpful Tips In Optimizing Your Performance While On Keto Diet

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The ketogenic diet is an effective means of losing weight. It can be referred as one of the most effective types of low-carb diet.

However, it is quite notable that people who are engaging in this diet are experiencing reduced performance. This typically happens during the first stages–when the body is still not used to fat as its primary fuel source. Eventually, this particular side effect should subside.

Although you can adapt to this diet, it is still not a long bow to draw that the “weakening” will stay for good. As much as possible, you have to overcome this, especially if you are doing fitness routines or physical training.

Here are the ways you can optimize your performance while you are on a ketogenic diet.

Use Exogenous Ketones

Use Exogenous Ketones

When you are in ketosis, your body is producing ketones, which is the very energy that is being utilized by your cells. They are usually released when glucose is already inadequate.

Ketones, as a fuel source, are quite good. It is clean and efficient. However, compared to glucose, it might come less impactful.

It is the very reason why those who are in the ketogenic diet feel weak. Ketones are not as elevated as glucose when it comes to energizing your muscles and cells.

Because of this predicament, many recommend using exogenous ketones while on this diet. As its name suggests, exogenous ketones are laboratory-made ketones that have a similar mechanism to the ketones released by the body. Some variants are already modified, ensuring that your performance won’t deteriorate.

Learning how to use exogenous ketones for weight loss is also a good idea. It allows you to maximize their benefits while you are taking them.

Drink Water

drink water

Water is a vital part of any type of diet. In fact, you don’t even need to be on a diet before you realize how important it is to hydrate yourself.

Always remember that the ketogenic diet will cause a sudden drop in the insulin levels of your body. When there is no glucose, then it is quite apparent that insulin will decrease as well. If you don’t have sufficient insulin content, you are more susceptible to sodium and water excretion.

As a result, those athletes and physically active who are into this lifestyle are always at risk to dehydration. They have to consume water from time to time to ensure that their body will not go dry at all.

Water will always be necessary for your overall wellness. It can boost your performance, one way or another.

Eat Healthy Fat and Protein

Eat Healthy Fat and Protein

Apparently, those who are in the keto diet has to consume fat-rich food at an optimal level. After all, this macronutrient is already your primary source for fuel.

However, you should not get the wrong idea that any fat sources are right. For instance, those commercial products are among the things that you should avoid. Instead, you just have to opt for healthy sources such as egg, meat, poultry, and dairy products.

Furthermore, you should not also exclude protein in the equation. Protein is essential for those who are doing workouts as it improves the recovery and repair of muscles. It can also help sustain your routine due to its capacity to boost your immune system.

For kids, it is essential you make healthy keto-friendly recipes. In this way, their bodies can keep up with their activeness.

Consume Electrolytes

Consume Electrolytes

Electrolytes can aid water in replenishing your body. Take note that electrolytes are also being excreted away once the insulin level of your body is low. You need to replace it continuously to ensure that your strength won’t subside.

Moreover, electrolytes can also put a good defense against brain fog, headaches, and fatigue, which are all common after effects of strenuous activities. On the flipside, electrolytes can boost your mental and physical rigidity. You can survive longer in the grind if you are energized by this component.

You don’t need to buy commercial sports drink so that you can just get your daily dose of electrolytes. By just adding sea salt to a glass of water, you can already sustain yourself with this particular substance.

Be Optimistic

Be Optimistic

Don’t let the placebo effect fool you. One way or another, your body has a method of adjusting to things.

At first, the diet might be too extensive to you. But in the long run, you will just come into your senses that this regimen is something that you can conquer. You have to have the right mental fortitude and positivity so that you can overcome the odds.

Don’t be discouraged just because you are no longer capable of doing those explosive routines. It just a phase that will come and go. Sooner, you can still take your game to a whole new level.

Push On!

The ketogenic diet should never be a hinder for you to slip out from the grind. It should never be an excuse to quit and remain sedentary. Right from the get-go, that’s not the very goal of the diet.

You can always sustain your performance even if you are no longer powered by glucose. Just follow the tips that I have given, and you are already good to go.

That’s it for now. Feel free to drop your questions or suggestions in the comment section.


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