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Oniru beach : The Bucket List Fun Beach in Lagos

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Oniru Beach is a private beach resort located at Victoria Island in Lagos State, Southwestern Nigeria. This beach is one of the most famous beaches that Lagos and its Island is known for.

In this article, we will be looking at Oniru Beach in depth, reviewing it and talking about fun activities you can do while on this Beach. Let’s dive straight in!

About Oniru Beach

Oniru Beach is located in Lagos as we said earlier. Oniru Beach is named after its owners. The owners of Oniru Beach are the Oniru Royal family. The precise location of Oniru Beach is at Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State. Oniru Beach is very popular and is a hotspot for parties, events, fun outings, relaxations, live shows and so on.

This Beach though private is very fun-filled and very relaxing to spend time in. Whether you are coming as an individual, a couple or a group.

How to get to Oniru Beach

You can locate Oniru Beach by asking the locals in Victoria Island for the direction once you are there. The locals there will definitely put you through on how to get there. If you don’t want to ask the locals, when you are at Victoria Island, locate Ajose Adeogun Street at Victoria Island.

On Ajose Adeogun Street, find Pat’s Bar. Now after reaching Pat’s Bar, turn to your right. Just by your right is Oniru Beach! Yes, just right there! There are several routes you can take to get to Oniru Beach from wherever you are coming from. Just make sure to ask the residents politely for direction if you are confused in any way.

Here is a more detailed map instruction for how to get to Oniru beach from CMS

When is the best time to visit Oniru Beach?

Oniru Beach is best visited during the weekdays for a quiet and relaxing time. But if you want a bit of social life, parties, dancing, lots of people, then Sunday evening is your best bet! Oniru Beach is very lively on Sunday evenings. This is because there are live shows holding at the bars at Oniru Beach. And also, lots of people troop in to enjoy the music.

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The best time to visit Oniru Beach depends on you and what kind of atmosphere you want. If you want peace and quiet, maybe with your spouse or your partner, then you should choose a weekday. But if you want to feel the social life, the party life, the people, then going on weekends especially Sunday evenings is your best bet!

Important Notice about Oniru Curfew

There is one important thing to note when you are visiting Oniru Beach. And that is, there is a strict law that does not allow visitors to enter Oniru Beach after 12:00 noon of any day. What this means for you is that you need to be at Oniru Beach before 12:00 in the afternoon. So that you can be granted entrance into the Beach. This is a strict rule that Oniru beach officials keep, so you need to be cognizant of this fact.

Gate Fee to Oniru Beach

Entrance into Oniru Beach comes with a ticket price or fee of 1,000 Naira only. Sometimes, it could cost more than this. It could cost more especially on the days when popular Celebrities and musical artists will be having live shows.

On days like that, the fee could be double the original price. But the regular fee for entrance into Oniru Beach is One Thousand Naira per person.

Fun Activities to engage in while at Oniru Beach

1. You can go Horse Riding

Horse Riding is one of the best things about visiting any beach and guess what, you are going to get enough of that at Oniru Beach.

There are expert horse riders that rent their horses out for the galloping experiences and thrills for their customers right there at the Beach. Horse Riding costs about 300 Naira on Oniru Beach but you are guaranteed a fabulous time.

2. You can feel the Sea of Oniru Beach

Yes, another added advantage to visiting Oniru Beach is that you get to experience to Sea and its waves as well as its amazing breeze. The Atlantic ocean is very vast and it is what bothers the whole of Lagos Island.

Well, at Oniru Beach, you should know that you are feeling and experiencing an extension of the Atlantic ocean right in front of you. Also, there is just something so soothing and comforting about Sea breeze that we all just can’t resist. Enjoying the sea, its waves, its breeze. The soft whitish Gray sand is another reason to visit Oniru Beach.

3. You get to eat and drink

Yes, we all love to taste delicious delicacies, snacks, food, and amazing drinks. Who doesn’t? Oniru Beach offers you the option of multiple bars which are thankfully loaded with lots of varieties of foods, snacks, and varieties of drinks!

You will never be short of ideas on things to eat or things to drink. You may even be fortunate enough to get the famous and legendary Yoruba drink called Palm Wine at the beach! How cool is that?

You will also find grilled Fish, Suya stands, assorted Food stands at Oniru Beach. Eating and drinking are also fun though! Let’s admit it. Oniru Beach affords you the blessing of amazing food and drinks. When you are visiting, your taste buds will definitely be excited.

4. At Oniru Beach, you can just relax and enjoy the quiet

One thing about Oniru Beach is that you can have access to a chair, table and an umbrella for you to chill under while you quietly watch the Sea as it does its thing. Quiet time is something to be treasured.

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You can get away from all the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and relax under the cool, refreshing and calming breeze of the Sea. You also get to pick sea shells, corrals, build sand castles.

That is if you are with a partner or children. You can enjoy and play with the crashing waves! This is enough peace and happiness for real.

5. At Oniru Beach, you can dance and enjoy the music

Yes, because there is an abundance of bars and live shows at Oniru Beach, another fun activity you can engage in while at the Beach is to dance and enjoy the music.

Music is fun and some people have even said that Music is Life. This conclusion really isn’t too far fetched. So, if you are going to Oniru Beach especially on a Sunday, you should put on your dancing shoes. And this is because you’re going to be treated to a whole lot of Nigerian hip-hop songs and generally amazing music genres.

You could also chill and listen to the music if you’re not a big fan of dancing. Either way, music, and dancing are fun things you can do while at Oniru Beach. You really shouldn’t miss out on this!

6. At Oniru Beach, you can ride the Ferris Wheel!

Just like Elegushi Beach has, Oniru Beach also has the Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel is just complete fun, whether you are an adult or a child. The Ferris Wheel is made for you to ride. This amusement ride is perfect if you have children with you or a spouse with you, as you get to enjoy the excitement together.

You get to feel on top of the world while riding in the Ferris Wheel. Expect to laugh a lot and yes, scream a bit while on the Ferris Wheel. This is because it can be a really crazy adventure but a fun-filled ride. The Ferris Wheel consists of a number of passenger seats arranged at the rim of a large rotating Wheel.

So, while you are seated in the passenger’s seat, you will be rotated all around from top to bottom in a circular motion along with the other passengers. This can be a bit scary but it’s all part of the fun. You should try the Ferris Wheel while you visit this amazing private Beach.

What you should wear to Oniru Beach (Advice)

Well, if you are used to the Nigerian Beaches, you will see that not much skin exposure in terms of dressing is rampant here. Unlike several Western Beaches where bikinis and underwears are the common trends at Beaches, Nigerians aren’t too tolerating of such dressing, unfortunately.

But you can wear mini shorts, bum shorts, knee shorts and tank tops to Oniru Beach. Bikinis and underwears will cause you to get weird looks directed at you from left, right, front and center.


Oniru Beach is another fantastic place to visit in Lagos for you to enjoy yourself with your family, your partner, with your boyfriend, with your girlfriend, with your friends, with your colleagues, and with anybody!

It is a really amazing place that guarantees you maximum enjoyment, relaxation and refreshment. Oniru Beach, VI, Lagos, should be on your bucket list for fun places to chill at in Lagos.

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