…On the brief unavailability of the Facebook-owned trio

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‘Brief’ here being very relative.

I was going to spray some red hot sauce on my Whatsapp status when I realized that the Universe wouldn’t approve. Shame.

Coincidentally, I was having the same issues with my Instagram. These were two different platforms so I concluded that it was a network glitch. I absolutely forgot that it was controlled by the same set of people. Maybe if I had checked Facebook, I would have been able to put one and two together.

I took to my status to talk about it, texts were going through as at the time, even though fluctuating. A lot of people responded to that status update, they had the same problem!


I stopped guessing when I saw it all over the major US news sites. Apparently it had begun to trend on Twitter. Trust Twitterians, they juiced out some humour from this.

What does this mean for business owners and online entrepreneurs? A lot of things…

An awakening; a nudge to diversify

This is the time to seriously consider your dependability on just a narrow pick of internet platforms. As indispensable as Whatsapp seems to have become in our lives, caution must be exercised in overly depending on its availability.

SEOs discuss this all the time. With each Google algorithm update, we are reminded that it would be very unwise to depend on search engines only for traffic. This is not new to anyone who has cause to study Google trends.

Funny thing also is that Search used to be entirely Yahoo. Google decided they were going to lead the pack and the narrative flipped.

Just like that…

Guess what, the entire world adjusted. Just like we are adjusting to the total shut down of Google Plus. Just like BoardBooster called it quits on Pinterest enthusiasts.

Whatever platform it is, never become absolute about them. In fact, they may never leave the scene like we fear. What if they evolve? And they do so very fast?

Be as flexible as the trends and as swift as human-based decisions. Therein lies the first step to succeeding as an online entrepreneur.

In the very least, be swift in character and open to the fickleness of this all because in the end…

“Only the paranoid survive.” -Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel


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