Gorilla escapes from Unilorin zoo

On the gorilla escape…

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This afternoon, a gorilla escaped from Unilorin zoo.

I promised myself I wasn’t ever going to mention this anywhere but as I recall the incident and the concerns people had this afternoon; the shock on people’s faces was horrific. It was not a fun sight to watch.

For one, my heart went out to the animal because just like any other creature, all it wanted to do was survive but because that is not our style here, they were bent on killing it.

And do we blame us? We don’t understand the wild yet. We are not animal people.

A man said they should kill it before it kills someone. While I totally understood him, I empathized with the gorilla.

The incident I had with the cow on yesterday, I saw the video people shared on their status as regards it. This was shortly before it began to pursue us. The cow was trying to find a way to run, it was on its own. Not attacking, nothing.

It got aggravated when people began to taunt and throw stones. I mean, someone was going to kill a cow and he didn’t do the job once and for all. He had to let it escape. Putting an animal through that process before death was cruel. I mean, it already knew it was going to die and so it fought for life.

On the flip side, I am very afraid.

How did an animal escape from the zoo? What if it was the sickly, underfed lion? What if it was the snake or something as dangerous? Children were around for God’s sake. It appeared there was an excursion exercise in there when it happened and I watched as the gorilla had no one to capture it back into the zoo.

No official, nobody, no zoo attendant. It took more than 10 minutes for the situation to be under control. That’s a long time to have anyone killed. Not only are the Unilorin zoo officials careless, but they are also lawless too. No control, no precautions, no contingency plans.

This is something Unilorin or whoever is responsible for the zoo wants to look into. I know we are a careless people and this might end up meaning nothing to the authorities. I know this is Nigeria where lives mean very little but if there’s only just one of them in there with a functional brain, they want to sit tight in there.

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