5 Considerations from Olorun : the new king of Olympus (game teaser)

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Don’t ask, I do not play games, lol. My male friends are trying to get me to at least love the idea. This is my problem : I think to myself, I have to take a few minutes to learn how to play before I play. It’s such a waste of time.

So, yes, in other words, I am just mentally lazy. I really don’t like to flex my brain which is essentially a bad thing.

Anyway, I saw the teaser for Olorun : the new king of Olympus on a friend’s Instagram and I could not help but ponder over it over and over. It was very real to me and I know it may sound weird but all I kept thinking of was God.

Olorun : the new King of Olympus is a part of the series in Smite’s games. The reign of Zeus has ended. The Ruler of the Heavens has arrived to take his seat on the throne. Hence SMITE’s newest God – Olorun!

Who is this God, really? Why do we think of him a certain way? What if we are wrong in some of our interpretations of his work? You know… Below is the trailer for you to watch:

Olorun game trailer

So, these are five considerations from the Olorun God game teaser.

1. God is patient to a fault

Sometimes, we read in the scriptures how long he takes to step into terrible situations. Just like we joke around, if man were God, the earth would have been completely wiped off.

God’s patience is to a fault. He waits out for us to get back to him, to repent, to reconsider and then judgement is exerted.

Do you remember the story of Jonah and how he ran away from the presence of the Lord all because he didn’t want the people of Nineveh to be saved? I want to imagine a God that was not patient. How about just striking the dude and moving on to a willing prophet?

2. We still do not know God

From the scriptures and through personal revelation, we have a glimpse and some knowledge of who God is, what he can do and why he is God but the truth is that the knowledge of him is inexhaustible.

So, if we don’t pant and search for more, we are only limited to what we have limited ourselves to and what other people think of him.

It is very much easier to connect with God based on his workings because we can see the evidence of his existence with these. But do we really know who he is? The scriptures are right here for us to understand his personality but we must search and be willing to know.

3. Nothing is impossible with God

If God were to move the mountains and shake the earth, all that’s necessary is just a snap of the fingers and everything is done.

God doesn’t dance around, scream and shout to get things to happen. We do that. This is to say that if what you have prayed for isn’t here, you should know that it is not because it is impossible with God.

Maybe you are not praying according to God’s will? Maybe you are not ready for the answer if it ever comes? Maybe the Lord is teaching you go tarry and be patient too?

4. God allows for freewill

He won’t force and twist your arms into choices. He allows you to do whatever you choose to do until he has to step in. God would sit and watch you while he gently directs you in the right path.

You are allowed to take to his careful leading or not. Of course, disobedience has its own consequences but that is not his fault. He does all he can to lead his children because he knows the beginning to the end.

The will of submit is ours, the will to choose his own method is ours. No forcing, no nothing. In the end, he is a good good Father.

5. We take God for granted

We would rather pretend that he doesn’t exist so that we can be as reckless as we want than admit that the only reason why are not smitten yet is because God is patient and loving.

I really would like to try my hands on this. This might probably be my conversation unto games. Anyone going to suggest how to get started? Help my game ministry, please. 😀😂

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