No, I don’t like my gap tooth!!!!

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Esther Adeniyi

“Awwwwwwwwwn, you have a gap tooth”

“Your smile is so beautiful, open your teeth more often”

“I didn’t know you have a gap tooth”

O ma wa ga o.

So I posted this picture on my Whatsapp status o. Come and see different types of comments ooooooo. I chatted all day and I was tayaaaaaad.

I don’t like my gap tooth people, emi o like e atal. It appears to me like I have a missing tooth. In fact, my dentition is one of which I am not proud of. While some people are opening their teeth everywhere, you won’t see me opening o. Hia!

In conclusion, my gap tooth makes me insecure.

What part of your body makes you insecure?

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  1. Awesome Humphrey says:

    Not a part of my body but my Warri accent for one, especially the difficulty in pronouncing the digraph 'th', as in 'thing,think etc.' I've gotten used to repeating words for people to understand me.

    1. Ahahahahaahaha, to now top it all, you have found yourself in oyinbo land again.

    2. Awesome Humphrey says:

      As in ehn. Sometimes I go just tire

  2. I have these pimple scars and bumps all over my nose. It’s the first thing you’ll notice about my face. I had it really bad with pimples from back in senior secondary school and I’ll have huge multiple pimples at once at the centre of my nose. It made me such an introvert. It took a real hit to my self esteem.
    Now people call me a fine girl and I have an approachable personality, and I no longer have extreme pimples (thank Jesus) but new friends and strangers still ask “what happened to your nose?”. Some days i joke about something related to Michael Jackson. Other days I recoil in my memory of the truth

    1. Awwwwwwwwwn…

      Maybe you shu just gboju and be joking about it jhor. Shey you know my own, I can still hide it. You you cannot, so las las,you will just learn humor.

  3. Ees my stomach o. I cannot wear crop top and not look like Winnie the Pooh. Ha! Thinking twice before wearing body con sef! Name wa!

    1. Me I have gboju for my own tummy. Hopefully my new found fit lifestyle will take care of that and if it doesn't, let us both be looking like Winnie the Pooh abeg. This life is not that hard biko.

    2. ???????? Winnie the pooh.

  4. Lol… it used to be my face ooo. Pimples wanted to finish me. You know those pimples that 'll be like say na boils ehn. To take pictures na wa… infact, that made me hate pictures then. But, Thanks to God for the miracle of smooth face now, cos one day they all disappeared. Another is my body size, some people we see me and they will be like, what class are you? As if i am in primary school. Somedays i just laugh it off, some days i tell them my real class and they will be like… I have grown to use it as an advantage and sometimes i wish i cld add a little more flesh. Either which way, it is our body and we'd embrace it, gap tooth, pimples, plus size, minus size and wateva!

    1. Lmao @ minus size.

      So the pimples just disappeared? Ah, you are lucky o. I have a friend who hasn't recovered from pimples scars. It has so marred his self esteem ehn. He never takes pictures at alllll….

  5. Yours is better. What of mine that is scattered?

    1. Laughing my fat ass out

    2. Really?? I love it for you. I have gap tooth and I'm always laughing here and there with my teeth all showing. Even when people yap me of loosing a tooth there I still don't care. Yours is so lovely biko. Smile always

    3. Awwwwwwwwwnnnn…thank you for those words of affirmation, Atasie

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