No, I don’t like my gap tooth!!!!

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Esther Adeniyi

“Awwwwwwwwwn, you have a gap tooth”

“Your smile is so beautiful, open your teeth more often”

“I didn’t know you have a gap tooth”

O ma wa ga o.

So I posted this picture on my Whatsapp status o. Come and see different types of comments ooooooo. I chatted all day and I was tayaaaaaad.

I don’t like my gap tooth people, emi o like e atal. It appears to me like I have a missing tooth. In fact, my dentition is one of which I am not proud of. While some people are opening their teeth everywhere, you won’t see me opening o. Hia!

In conclusion, my gap tooth makes me insecure.

What part of your body makes you insecure?

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