Nigerian cornrow hairstyles

Nigerian cornrow hairstyles for 2018 [UPDATED]

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Nigerian Cornrow hairstyles have taken the hair stage since forever and that’s basically because of the transformation it brings to any woman’s face. You can’t ever miss the change and overall/total makeover of a woman’s face as soon as they switch to the typical Nigerian cornrow hairstyle.

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Nigerian cornrow hairstyles are refreshing and African in their own right. In fact, it is known for a fact that the typical cornrow style looks good on any woman no matter the shape of her head or face. Another interesting fact about Nigerian cornrow hairstyles is that they last and spend a long time before pulling out depending on how the cornrow wearer maintains it.

Thick/Big Cornrow hairstyles

Below are pictures of female cornrow hairstyles. You will find different types of cornrow styles from which you can pick from. Some are cornrow styles for round faces, the others are cornrow styles for just about any kind of face shape. Enjoy:

Nigerian cornrow hairstyles
Photo via @thatdynamitechick

Laid Nigerian cornrow hairstyle

You can leave some hair in front of the cornrows before you begin styling to create beautifully laid edges. This style is one of the most popular Nigerian cornrow hairstyles in 2018.

Nigerian cornrow hairstyles 2
Photo via @hair_by_tifflauren

Weaving and big cornrows

You can achieve this style in different ways. This depends on how creative and artistic your hairdresser is.

Beautiful Nigerian cornrow hairstyles
Photo via @resie_braids

Big cornrows to the back

White girls do cornrows too. You can style your cornrows in not more than four to five parts to the back to achieve a very simple look.

Nigerian cornrow hairstyles on white woman
Photo via @flaca0625_

Two French braids cornrow hairstyle

You can never go wrong with this Nigerian cornrow hairstyle. It is very simple and sleek. In less than 30 minutes, you can achieve this cornrow style.

French Nigerian cornrow hairstyles
Photo via @gr8braidtagteam
Stylish Nigerian cornrow hairstyles
Photo via @boo_pinkey
multicoloured Nigerian cornrow hairstyles
Photo via @cyn.philippe


Big Cornrow Hairstyles for Oval Face [VIDEO]

You can find many more amazing Nigerian cornrow hairstyles in this video below.

What do you think of cornrows? Would you give it a try to any of these protective cornrows styles?

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