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My top 5 favorite Nigerian Bloggers

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Nigerian bloggers are trail blazing by the day. There was a time that it sucked to be a Blogger in Nigeria. We still face the challenges but not as intense as they used to be. Everyday, bloggers in Nigeria make history, put out one more quality content, make Nigeria proud.

I do not deny the fact that we still have many copy and paste Bloggers. Tech Bloggers in Nigeria seem to do this a lot. Gossip Bloggers, news Bloggers too are not exempted. Entertainment blogs in Nigeria generally is messy, I can’t hide that.
What’s amazing however is that even with the existence of plagiarists who claim to be bloggers, original Bloggers spring up every time. Fashion Bloggers, Food Bloggers, Lifestyle Bloggers, Educational Bloggers, and Book Bloggers, name them, are putting out content worthwhile, stuff worth reading.
I have been reading and following so many Nigerian Bloggers but a handful seem to stick to my head and heart more than the rest. I check these people out for inspiration. I find a lot of life on blogs in Nigeria. Photography,
videos, post ideas are becoming too premium to be ignored.
For relationship Bloggers in Nigeria, I have been following a few for a while now and I am impressed. These blogs used to be dry and boring years earlier but I see the game has been top and the competition, intense. If
you want to venture into relationship blogging in Nigeria, just go and be very prepared.
I would love to list every single Blogger I follow if I could but really, it won’t work that way. I would go for my top Nigerian Bloggers
  • Sisi Yemmie
  • Cassie Daves
  • Naija Singe Girl
  • Tukes Quest
  • Esther Adeniyi

Sisi Yemmie

Sisi Yemmie, Yemisi
Yemisi, Sisi Yemmie
I have been following Sisi Yemmie since like forever. Her lifestyle blog was one of the blogs that helped me push harder at my blog. Her knack for quality is amazing. I get on her blog and I am revived. The way she turns the weirdest of ideas into po sts worth reading is something I admire.
Not everyone knows how to repurpose content, bring ideas to life and package dead thoughts. Sisi Yemmie does all of that and still slays. She blogs at

Cassie Daves

Cassie Daves
Cassandra Ikegbune
My best fashion blog is Cassie Daves’ Blog. One thing I like about Cassandra Ikegbune is her experimental fashion lifestyle. I would like to think that she dictates fashion, she doesn’t follow it. And the way Cassie daves owns her style, impressive.
If you follow Cassie Daves, you will learn commitment even in the face of seemingly bigger responsibilities. A medical Doctor who blogs is hardworking, that’s all. She blogs at

Naija Single Girl

Naija Single girl
Anonymous Blogger. Here’s her book
Naija Single Girl is one of the best story tellers I have ever met, sorry read. Her blogging anonymously has probably been the reason why people e.g, I, are very endeared to her. Not many bloggers in Nigeria can pull off the stunt Naija Single Girl pulls successfully.
If you need personal blogging inspiration, you should follow Naija Single Girl. She blogs at

Tukes Quest

Tuke's Quest
Adetuke Morgan
Tukes Quest is just beautifully exquisite. Her blog makes you feel many things. The way she combines all of the fun that she experiences into different blogs is so interesting. Even though she doesn’t blog as frequently as some of the other lifestyle blogs that I follow, her blog has become addictive.
Sometimes, all I go to do on Tukes Quest is to stare at her face and style. She blogs at

Esther Adeniyi

Esther Adeniyi
No, this is not cliché, I love my blog and I follow it with so much passion and tenacity. I would say the same about Esther Adeniyi if I wasn’t Esther Adeniyi. One thing I like about this blog is the lot of love I receive from my following. I also like that despite the attendant challenges of blogging in Nigeria, I have not given up.
I have listening followers, interested people who are willing to go all the way to encourage and build me. It is a privilege to connect with different kinds of people. What an opportunity blogging offers.You are on Esther Adeniyi,
Who are your top favorite list of top Nigerian Bloggers?

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