Ndani TV’s Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5 is going to be lit!!!

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Ndani TV’s Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5 is back and this one is blazing hot.

We have been waiting for this announcement since like for like forever. It’s been almost a year since Skinny Girl in Transit Season 4.

My siblings and I are on this matter like boli! She sent the trailer link to me now and I am like, YouTube is going to break!

Watch Skinny Girl In Transit Official Trailer

And guys, Nick Mutuma, my crush is coming on board. This Kenyan actor is going to pull a lot of traction for Skinny Girl in Transit season 5.

Skinny Girl in transit season 5, Nick Mutuma

Who watched This Is It? I actually binged on that series. I can’t also wait to see Ngozi Nwosu and all of her comedy stunts. She was one of my favorites from SGIT season 4. See a list of my best Skinny Girl in Transit characters here. 

Ehn ehn, the romantic scenes o, these two people, Abimbola Craig and Ayoola Ayolola have come again o, even inside the dream! We are in for it!

Skinny Girl in transit season 5 Tiwa and Mide
These two ehn, Tiwa and Mide. Okay o.

It is also apparent that there will be a lot of tears. I don’t know if I am ready to allow a web series to scatter my life though. Because Ndani TV will cause katakata for some of us.

Shey you know what I enjoy the most, apart from the acting o, it is the comments section on YouTube. Those folks can cause you to laugh your brains out. It’s already a family in there. I think I will be active this time around.

Did you guys spot “Adaku” (Omotunde Lolo) from Jenifa’s Diary? It’s like they we are going to be in for surprises, laughter, more tears, and definitely, anger.

Some of the scenes in Skinny Girl in Transit Season 4 were very upsetting. I expect some of them in this season too.

Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5 Cast

Abimbola Craig
Ayoola Ayolola
Ngozi Nwosu
Sharon Ooja
Timini Egbuson
Beverly Naya
Ayo Adesanya
Nick Mutuma

GTBank is everything hot in the entertainment industry right now and I would like to think that they are doing a lot of relevant things to stay relevant.

I hope to do a review of the SGIT episodes as they drop. Hopefully, we can catch some fun in here too. What do you think of the Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5 trailer? Shey this season, in your own opinion will make sense?

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