Naturally whiten your teeth in 5 minutes

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Woman with naturally whitened teeth

So, this teeth whitening thing and dental plague removal. I was watching Tomi’s colouful pavilion on You Tube when I got this blog title idea and the urgency to finally put it together.

Dental plaque is very common and almost everybody has it. It becomes tartar when it is very severe. This is that serious stain that you see on your teeth.

What you’ll need to naturally whiten your teeth:

Baking soda
Salt (a pinch)

Easy right? They are all household items, things you can get any where.


Mix a quantity of baking soda and salt.

Pour in water to make a creamy paste

Thoroughly mix and that’s all.

Brush your teeth like you normally would.

Do this twice in a week until you are free of dental plaque

Photo credit : Postscript

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