Natural ways to lose belly fat

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Chioma had a protruded belly.

It was never a problem to her until she got into the University. She saw a lot of other young girls with this wall like tummy. Some of her course mates would even mock her and some would say she was pregnant even though she had countered the suspicion countless times.

But there were still few nice ones.  They were ready to lend her a helping hand.  They told her some basic things she needed to do to lose her belly fat. In a month’s time,  there were visible signs that she was losing it.  In less than six months, Chioma too had a flat tummy. 
Let’s see what helped Chioma. 
Apart from the fact that it’s not a beautiful  sight at all and plus it tampers with our body shape,  belly fat is also risky to our health.

Belly fat, also known as visceral fat has been traced to a higher risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and some type of cancer. 
  • Eat your last meal at least two hours before sleep. Our bodies are inactive at night and it tends to store up calories eating at night as fat instead of burning it up as energy. 
  • Eat small but often. Research has it that eating six small meals instead of the regular three meals daily helps in regulating blood sugar level. 
  • Avoid sugar. Sugar has plenty calories and also leads to an increase in insulin level which results in a lower production of glucagon (the hormone that allows glucose to be burned as energy)
  • Avoid intake of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol contains lots of calories which can be stored up in the body as fat
  • Drink plenty water. Water helps to flush out toxins. 
  • Increase potassium and reduce sodium intake. Potassium reduces water retention while sodium causes it. When water is stored up, it causes protruded belly. Examples of potassium foods are banana, white beans, mushroom, avocado yogurt etc. 
  • Each small meal taken daily should contain lean protein, fiber, little healthy fat, and a fruit or vegetable. 
Following this few natural not-too-stressful tips can help us get flat tummy before we know it.  We must also be consistent in order to get results. 
Stay beautiful!!!

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