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Natural Hair : What is the LOC Method?

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Natural Hair has a lot of issues with retaining moisture and that’s why there is an LOC method in the first place. If we were to complete the word, we would have LOCK. Lol!

We need to see how to lock in the moisture we have introduced into our natural hair. Now, unlike you are beginning to wonder,  LOC isn’t a style,  it is a method.

Many of the people I know on natural hair have dry natural hair to deal with and in reality,  it is a cause for concern because it is not only cranky and annoyingly stiff,  it can cause hair loss and breakage which will eventually stunt your hair growth sooner or later.

The LOC method has been recommended over and over again to help retain moisture for longer periods and if every Naturalista were as not lazy to start practicing this method,  they would find a very huge difference in the way their hair flourished.

After shampooing and conditioning,  if you decide to go on a wash-and-go style,  you might come to find out that locking the moisture and sealing it in completely for a long while is an issue if you have never learned how to use the LOC method. Well,  that’s going to change this instant.

LOC method


L- Leave-in

Your leave-in actually does the thorough moisturizing. You can find many good leave-in conditioners in the market. Better still,  do your research on the Internet or ask your friends also on Natural Hair to help you pick a choice of a good leave-in.

O- Oil

Oil works by locking in the moisture. You can use any oil you want- coconut oil is one of my best because of the lasting smell I perceive on my hair all day.


Cream then goes on ahead to seal both the moisture and the oil. Shea butter creams work very fine for me hair. You can use any cream you want.

Many Naturalistas have had to reverse the O-C with C-O. So,  the go,  L-C-O which is also very fine. Working with your natural hair needs a lot of experimenting. You try to see what works best for you and your hair and if the reversed works best,  why not?

You do not need to use the LOC method everyday because that process keeps your hair moisturized for a very long time. You can only apply water from your wash bottle to rehydrate when you feel it’s getting cranky especially during summer and you are good to go.

Now that you know what the LOC method means,  would you love to try it sometime soon?

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