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Natural Hair Updos: Amazing Ways to Style Your Hair

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Black woman with Natural Hair Updo Style

Natural Hair is so beautiful. There are so many ways we can style them especially when they grow out. One of the popular styles now is the Updo. I like it because it is convenient and easy to do. Well, that depends on the type of style. Worthy of note is that you can make them even at home by yourself. Check out these amazing ways to style your natural hair and see which you can pick from.

1. This neatly weaved hair can be rocked anytime any day.

Natural Hair Updo Style

2. After completing weaving the sides,  you can leave the ends free and tie them into an updo like this one.
R 3. There is definitely some extension in this updo but it turns out superb.

Natural Hair Updo Style



4. This one is an everyday style you can flawlessly rock to anywhere. And it is just as easy as neatly packing up your hair and securing it with a rubber band or pins.

Happy woman with natural hair updo

5. This is another weaved out style with ends made into an updo.


6. This one is just elegant and classy. For outings and special occasions,  you can try this one.

Natural Hair updo on an African American woman

7. Ashley Banks comes up with a very interesting natural styling. The geling makes it appear neater on the sides.

Natural Hair Updo Style


8. Another weave and updo style


9. This lightly tinted hair makes this one unique. Dyes can give your hair a whole new outlook.

Natural Hair updo

10. This is another of your everyday look. Easy,  simple yet stylish.

Everyday natural hair updo on a black woman

11. Updo Style twisted at the right place. Would you try this?

Natural updo

12. Geling makes your hair styles neater. This one is proof

Natural Hair geled and made into an updo style

13. Neatly weave up and round up almost at the front.


14. Look at this interesting side parting. This may not be your go-to comfortable hair style but you can rock this to a party.

Updo Style on natural hair with a neat twist on a beautiful woman

15. Weave and updo style. The side weave is an interesting one,  don’t you think?

Side view of a weaved up hair updo


Which of these natural updo styles would you love to try? I will make another round of collection sometime soon. Enjoy…

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