National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Anthem, motto, general facts and objectives

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National Youth Service Corps, NYSC

NYSC stands for National Youth Service Corps. This is a scheme by the Federal Government of Nigeria that was set up in 1973. This is a compulsory scheme that every young graduate of a Nigerian university or Polytechnic must attend. It has been so since 1973. NYSC is also called National Service Year.

It was created on the 22nd day of May in 1973 and it was created in order to foster unity and common ties among the Nigerian populace. It was established after the civil war that lasted between 1967 to 1970 for the rebuilding project of the nation.

NYSC is operated through the deployment of graduates or corps members to other states different from their state of origin or regional origin in the country. This is to promote mixing of ethnic tribes with each other and also unity among the ethnic groups.

In this article, we will put you through the NYSC Anthem, the NYSC pledge and everything you need to know about NYSC. Below is the NYSC Anthem for Youth Corpers;

The NYSC Anthem

Youths obey the Clarion call,
Let us lift our nation high,
Under the sun or in the rain,
With dedication and selflessness,
Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve.

Members take the great salute,
Put the Nation first in all,
With service and humility,
NYSC for the Noble youths,
Make Nigeria a great nation.

Far and near welcome to serve,
And to build our fatherland,
With oneness and loyalty,
NYSC for unity,
Hail Nigeria our great nation.

NYSC Pledge

The NYSC scheme also has a pledge which they expect all youth Corpers to receive at camp grounds. The pledge is on the NYSC official website on the Internet. There, you can read the full pledge and the conditions attached to it. All NYSC corpers are expected to sign the pledge at the camp. A failure to sign the NYSC pledge will mean the Corper will be sent away from the camp. The Corper will only be allowed back in the next batch and that is when she/he is ready to sign the pledge.

NYSC motto

NYSC also has a motto. The motto of the NYSC is, “service and humility”.

At first, when the NYSC scheme was first started, it was only University graduates that could participate in it. But as time went on, Polytechnic graduates were added to the scheme. NYSC usually has Director Generals. The first Director-General that NYSC had was Sir Ahmadu Ali who took the post until 1975.

The current Director-General of NYSC is Brigadier Gen. Sule Zakari Kazaure. He is the 17th Chief Executive officer of NYSC and he assumed his office on the 18th day in April in 2016. Brigadier Zakari hails from Kazaure in Jigawa State, Nigeria.

The NYSC usually has an Orientation period of 3 weeks where all youth Corpers are expected to stay in a camp for NYSC orientation. After the Orientation weeks, PPA starts, which isthe place of Primary Assignment. This is the passing out ceremony where the Youth Corpers are finally deployed to their appropriate places to serve.

At the PPAs, the Corpers are expected to work for 11 months at the place of appointment. Then the Corpers get 1 full month of vacation or leave to enjoy and relax before they collect their certificate of completion. A graduate is only eligible for employment once. She or he has completed their NYSC service.

NYSC certificate of completion is a prerequisite for employment. There are some exceptions though. Graduates above the age of thirty and graduates with disabilities are exempted from the compulsory NYSC service. NYSC service takes a total of 1 year to complete.

One of the advantages of NYSC service to Corpers is they get to experience ethnic diversity in all forms and get to appreciate/learn other people’s cultures. The Corpers also get to meet other people different from the ones they have always known from their region.

Objectives of NYSC.

The objectives of NYSC are stated in the Nigerian Constitution precisely in Decree No. 51 of 16th June 1993. Some of the objectives of NYSC include;

1. To improve the sense of morality in Nigerian youths by instilling in them important moral values like National Achievement and social improvement.

2. To imbibe the culture of self reliance and Independence in Nigerian youths by enabling them to acquire skills necessary to make money on their own through self employment.

3. To help develop in the Nigerian youths’ mind, the idea and sense of corporate oneness and belief in the Nigerian destiny, dream and goal.

4. To help in boosting Nigeria’s economy through the participation of youths in it.

5. To expose young Nigerian graduates, to the modes of living of people residing outside their states of origin.

Wrapping it all up, we have given you the NYSC Anthem, the NYSC motto, some of the NYSC objectives and a broad overview of what the NYSC scheme means. We really hope we have helped you.

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