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Nathaniel Bassey: Biography, Personal life and music

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Nathaniel Bassey is a Nigerian Gospel Singer, Trumpeter, and Songwriter. Nathaniel Bassey is a very influential Gospel Singer that lots of Nigerians love. His Gospel music is very inspirational and he is the convener of the popular Gospel movement, “The Hallelujah Challenge” that gained a lot of followers in Nigeria and abroad.

He has released a number of popular songs like Alagbada Ina and Olowogbogboro.

In this article, we will be looking at his biography in detail.

The early life of Nathaniel Bassey

Nathaniel Bassey

Nathaniel Bassey was born on August 27th of 1978 to the family of the Basseys. His family is originally from Ikot Ofon Ikono, a town in Uyo local government in Akwa Ibom state, South-South of Nigeria.

His family was based in Lagos though. Nathaniel Bassey grew up in Lagos and he considers himself a well-bred Lagosian. His father, Mr. Joshua Bassey was a Pastor at The Apostolic Church Bashua Assembly and his family was a devoted Christian home. Nathaniel Bassey grew up with a strong passion for music especially that of the Jazz genre.


Nathaniel Bassey had a brief stint at the University of Lagos for 2 years where he studied Urban and Regional Planning but he later moved to London. He gained admission into the University of London to study Politics and International Relations.

Nathaniel Bassey has also attended and studied some Music courses at Middlesex University Summer School. At the school, he studied Popular Music and Music Business. Nathaniel Bassey is a well-read singer and is very educated. He did his Primary and Secondary School Education in Lagos, Nigeria.

Musical Career

nathaniel Bassey

Nathaniel Bassey is not only a singer but also a songwriter and a music producer. He has released several songs that have become popular. Nathaniel Bassey was once passionate about Jazz music and looked up to notable Jazz performers and wanted to be like them.

He used to try to imitate and sing like notable Jazz musicians like Louis Armstrong, Hugh Masekela, Clifford Brown, and other Jazz top stars. Nathaniel Bassey is fondly called Nat by his family and friends.

Because his daddy is a pastor, he developed a passion for Gospel music at a young age. He said that he especially liked Dr. Panam Percy Paul. Especially when he watched him perform at his concert years ago and he said that this prominent Gospel musician Dr. Panam, inspired him to take interest in music.

But as it time went on, he liked Jazz a lot. Due to his zeal and enthusiasm for Jazz, he sought out bands and groups that play Jazz and even joined “Spectrum 4“, a top Jazz band quartet in Lagos.

There he played along with his friends. Nathaniel Bassey was even approached by a top Jazz figure in the Nigerian Jazz circle, Elder Steve Rhodes to lead The Steve Rhodes Orchestra which was the first Jazz Orchestra in Nigeria.

In this band, he was the lead Trumpeter and band leader for 2 years. This feat is enviable as most Jazz upcoming players don’t get approached by top Jazz musicians of the genre like that.

Nathaniel Bassey

Through the mentorship of late Pastor Eskor Mfon, who was a former pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and after much soul-searching, Nathaniel Bassey ventured into Gospel music and according to him, since then he has never regretted his decision.

He wasn’t really encouraged by his friends to venture into Gospel music though, but he stuck by his dream and this made him an enviable success.

Nathaniel Bassey has performed at numerous Gospel concerts all over the world and in Nigeria and has released a number of singles like No Other God, Imela, Olowogbogboro, Onise Iyanu, Miracle Worker, You are God, Alagbada-Ina, Casting Crowns, Awamaridi, This God is too Good, Abba Father, Wonderful Wonder, Hallelujah Amen, and so many more.

Nathaniel Bassey’s Onise Iyanu is that one track that people can’t stop singing yet. It hit the Nigerian Gospel industry with so much force and power. You can click on the link above to download.

He has also released albums like Elohim, Revival Flames and The Son of God. He has three albums out, his debut album is Elohim released in 2008. It had the track, Someone’s Knocking at the Door on it. Nathaniel Bassey’s mp3 download songs are on the internet, you can check them out.

The Hallelujah Challenge, that he convened was an online 30 days midnight prayer and praise session that lasted throughout June of 2017 from 12 a.m. to 1 a.m. Nathaniel Bassey is indeed a good source of Christian inspiration.

Awards and Nominations

Nathaniel Bassey won the City People Music Award for Gospel Artist of the Year at the AFRIMMA awards in 2017, held in Dallas, Texas, United States of America.

Nathaniel Bassey has won several awards and is well recognized for his contributions to the Nigerian gospel music industry.

Personal Life

Nathaniel Bassey's wife, Sarah

Nathaniel Bassey is currently married to his wife Sarah. He frequently talks about her on his social media pages. They are blessed with two kids.


Nathaniel Bassey

Nathaniel Bassey is a gift to Nigerian Christians and to Christians all over the world at large. He is also a gift to the Nigerian Gospel music industry, he has inspired so many Christians and believers.

He has helped so many believers with boosting their faith through his Songs’ ministrations. Nathaniel Bassey is on top of his game.

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