Nasco Cornflakes : Nigeria’s Cereal Sweetheart

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I grew up knowing Nasco cornflakes as the only type of cornflakes brand in Nigeria. Cornflakes was luxury in my house, same with Noodles. You had to be giving my parents a good day to earn a Nasco cornflakes and milk cup. Cornflakes was like, the treat.

It had to be so, I guess. My family saw cornflakes and other types of food asides from proper rice, beans or semo as snack. If ‘junks’ was the more familiar word back then, that’s how they would have seen it.

My parents were team ‘eat normal food’ to the core and you guessed right, it pissed the hell out of us. We would go to school and hear how our friends had to endlessly talk about taking Cornflakes like it was just one normal something.

It was the same way my family treated Golden Morn and ice cream. I remember mumsi denying me of ice cream on one of those days and how I sulked the most part of the day. So, I told her, when I grow up, I will buy ice cream for myself. She just looked at me and shook her head. She said, “you want to use your earnings to be buying sugar”. She actually said that in Yoruba and made me more determined, hilariously.

Cornflakes was going to later become my breakfast staple in the University. I bought two packs of Nasco cornflakes per time. The advent of sachet Nasco cornflakes made this all the more easier.

Okay, so this is a Nasco cornflakes review and it is not sponsored. What I mean by ‘it is not sponsored’ is that Nasco cornflakes did not pay me to write this. I just show up here, as usual, in my review segment, to talk about every single thing I want to. It doesn’t matter if it’s biscuit or earrings or ehm, my dad’s car. Speaking of biscuits, I should write about my addiction to Pure Bliss and how deliverance and special intercessions helped to clear my eyes. O boy, I was stayed on that wafers!

What is Inspiring my Nasco Cornflakes review?

I am in a bus heading home right now and I have seen a whole lot of NASCO Cornflakes Adverts on this Maryland express. I think my brain picked it up better today. I usually, absentmindedly, stare at the font used to write 100% whole flaked something something. It’s one of my favorite fonts on Canva. I hope to God you can relate to this jargons I just spewed here.

Anything is a blog article idea these days. Here I am, writing on cornflakes. My days! I just want to have fun writing about Nasco cornflakes, why I have stuck to it for years, and cornflakes generally as a cereal. I hope you have fun reading my Nasco cornflakes review. Get ready for what you want to read next, grab something solid maybe, because you might have to read this 5098 times.

Why was cornflakes invented?

John Harvery Kelloggs, the owner of Kelloggs cornflakes was a Seventh Day Adventist who overemphasized celibacy. I don’t know any of my Seventh Day Adventist friends who believe in this.(Celibacy in marriage o). Clearly, this was Mr Kellogg’s own personal values. To think that he was married would make you shrink.

He never got intimate with his wife, they had separate rooms. All his children were obviously adopted. His motivation for producing cornflakes was that wholesome breakfasts can help to keep people from masturbating.

He said in his publications that the side effects of masturbation far outweigh the temporary pleasure. Coming from someone who hated intimacy, his stand against masturbation was so vehement he looked for a cure in foods. That birthed cornflakes, my dear people.

Why I choose Nasco Cornflakes over the others

NASCO cornflakes is tastier

Because I started my adult cornflakes journey with NASCO, I stuck to it the most. On some occasions however, sometimes due to arguments, I tried out some other cornflakes brands in Nigeria.

I particularly tried the most expensive of the cornflakes brand and it was drab. It wasn’t as crunchy as NASCO cornflakes. It was almost tasteless. I don’t want to assume my taste buds are already adamant. Truth though, despite the re-branding over the years, the taste of this cornflakes has remained the same.

On one of those days I got home to meet a completely new cornflakes brand in Nigeria. What a sly my folks are. My disappointment in them (lol) turned into curiousity. So, I decided to try this other special cornflakes brand that has displaced long standing NASCO at home.

Lo and Behold, same story. That one was even sugary. On soaking water, it became messy. There is no how NASCO cornflakes will soak water and become messy. It will be soft, most definitely but not lazily sleeping in the milk. It has such stamina even when it is soft. This is food I am analyzing o, it’s better you come for training and food perception lol.

NASCO cornflakes is cheaper

So, back then in school, I would buy two packs of NASCO cornflakes at the same price my rich friends would buy one of the other cornflakes brand.

Cornflakes is luxury at school, I think. It’s when you are coming from home you have all of those provisions full to the brim. As soon as it’s end of session, garri flakes come to the rescue. You see why I couldn’t afford ‘expensive luxury’. I just jejely went for ‘cheap luxury’.

How much is Nasco Cornflakes in Nigeria?

Depending on where you are buying it in Nigeria, NASCO cornflakes price ranges from 800 to 1000 Naira. This is for the 350g pack.

Other cornflakes brands sold in Nigeria

Infinity cornflakes
Kelloggs cornflakes
Good morning cornflakes
Golden country cornflakes

Nasco Cornflakes Advert

Sisi Yemmie’s Nasco Cornflakes Commercial

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