Nappily Ever After movie

Nappily Ever After Movie Trailer Got Me Hooked Already

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I got a notification of the Nappily Ever After movie trailer in my Youtube Notifications the other day and I just told myself, enough of movie race. They did not born you to be watching movies. You better go and finish your work. But again, I thought, movies and church are the only things I do outside work. Why the guilt?

Nappily Ever After movie trailer
Nappily Ever After

Still I discarded, I was going to see Lara and the Beat anyway. By the way, Seyi Shay killed it mhen. Who knew she was ordained to act? Back to Nappily Ever After, my colleague (this babe who always hunts me down with trends and current stuff started again.

Esther, have you seen the movie trailer of Nappily Ever After? I was like, oh my, this thing has come to haunt me! Horrific! I said no and until I saw it, she didn’t let me rest. Next thing I got was a skype message from this babe. Ase, it’s Nappily Ever After trailer link. Oh my gawd.

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So, long story short, I watched. I am now expectant. I will be waiting for this Nappy thing. And to think that Sanaa Lathan completely shaved her hair? It had better be film trick o! What people do for acting oooooo. Wait first, before I continue my story, watch.

Nappily Ever After Movie Trailer

Here is what I think: Nappily Ever After will force a lot of women to introspect and think about the ideology of perfection, the beauty of vulnerability and the attractiveness of originality. This movie will awaken a lot of us, we that have turned to some aspect of beauty for approval, for completeness, for acceptance.

Nappily Ever After, Sanaa Lathan

With comedy, we should have a relaxed view of naturalism and all that it encompasses. Trust me, all natural hair blogs will be buzzing with Nappily Ever After days from now. This is all the media approval “they” all need to get you to stop asking why they have decided to do the big chop, to stay natural, to leave kinky alone and to walk high in curls.

Nappily Ever After Movie Cast

Sanaa Lathan – Violet Jones
Ernie Hudson – Richard Jones
Lyriq Bent – Will Wright
Lynn Whitfield – Paulette Jones
Ricky Whittle – Clint
Camille Guaty – Wendy
Brittany S. Hall

Nappily Ever After Movie Release Date

21st of September, 2018

So people, what do you think about Nappily Ever After?

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