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Nappily Ever After (2018): Quotes that double as Lessons

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I got stuck on Nappily Ever After (2018 Movie) for a while though. I was supposed to do a review but I chickened out because I couldn’t type.

You know, if there was a technology that gets stuff off your brain into paper or your editor, I would buy it a thousand times.

This, is possibilly the best way to talk about Nappily ever after. Some of the quotes in this movie are amazing. They are life nuggets that can change your entire perspective.

I must warn you, not all of the quotes are deep after all.

Quotes from Nappily Ever After

“And seeing that I have a daughter, I am trying really hard not to fuck up”

“But anybody’s hair is manageable if you’ve got the right products”

“How about reflecting what society should be?”

“She thought being a mom was gonna be like a Huggies commercial”

“Well she has a good heart. She just spends a lot of energy trying to hide it”

“I’ve gained so much time not having to think about my hair. I mean, it was like a second job”

“Doesn’t ‘usual’ mean ‘good’? ‘Cause I know I look dope”

“What brothers want…is a woman who’s real”

“Zoe, don’t ever let someone’s negative opinion of you become your reality”

“Large grocery store chains didn’t ignore the health food craze, they integrated it and kept their customers”

Which of these quotes ticked?

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