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My Top 5 Favorite Apps

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I was inspired to write my own “top 5 favorite apps” post by Oluwabiyi Tope of He had shared his blog with me right here on my own blog. While I was going through his blog, his “Top 5 favorite apps” post caught my attention.

So, here I am sharing my own top 5 favorite apps. I am going to share why I love them and what I don’t like about them too. Apparently no app is in itself 100% flawless. What happens here is that you choose one over the other(s) after weighing pros and cons.

Google Keep App

I write with Google Keep as we speak. I use this app to write my blog posts. I use it even when I am writing on my system. It’s the only writing app I have fallen in love with this much.

Why I love Google Keep App

I can always backup my work on Google. I don’t even have to click save or anything. It backs up your work in real time. I can also archive posts I don’t want to frequently see.

When I delete posts, it doesn’t permanently delete, I still have some days to restore it. This particular one has saved me so many times guys. I can be so double minded. I will delete something now now, it’s not like I was not convinced o, I was. Still, I get to regret I did, you don’t know how much of a saver Google Keep has been for me.

You can open Google Keep on your system. You just have to visit It’s better to sign in using your chrome browser. I must say that I already got addicted to Chrome. I think it’s the best browser ever.

I used to use Mozilla firefox but since I began to work in the corporate environment, I learnt how to create different users and work on different Chrome users.

So, sign in and you have all your Google Keep notes still intact. You can edit even on your system and create new notes.

Google Keep is also very funky. I can choose colours for each Note and categorize them. I can share my note with someone else. Someone else can collaborate on your notes.

It’s so so cool to be able to share your notes with someone else. You only have to plug in their email addresses. They can edit and do other stuff on your notes

What I don’t like about Google Keep

I miss some of the features of Docs to Go. I can’t check word count on Google Keep. Maybe I don’t know where to look though. If you do, please let me know in the comments section, thanks.

Another thing I don’t like about Google Keep is how dependent it is on the internet. Let me tell you one sad story. No, it won’t be long but in one paragraph, you will read the saddest story ever told.

I was quickly writing lessons at church on my Google Keep App. Unfortunately, I had switched off my internet connection because, no disturbance, wanted to focus on Oluwa. That was how I left the app thinking it was already saved. Ladies and gentlemen, the only thing I didn’t do when I discovered that I wasted that inspiration was cry. I did other things. I actually used the F word that day, inside church, on holy ground.

Google Analytics

So, guys, I think Google is the best company that ever happened to man. They have so lovely products that you’d realize that you are almost entirely dependent on Google for everything online. Even to rank on page one, spot one. Google, be kind to me. Lol.

So, Google Analytics app. If you are not a Blogger or anything related, you might not know anything about Google Analytics app. You might not even be interested. Please skip to the next app, give me some time with my fellow guys in the ministry.

If you don’t have Google Analytics app on your phone, it’s okay. If Google Analytics app is not your favorite or one of your favorite apps, ehm, it’s cool too, in a way. But if you don’t know anything about Google Analytics, your blog is not on it, you don’t check it for your blog stats, it’s totally not fine.

Before you get on to continue reading, now, go, register on Google Analytics. Place the tracking code on your blog and begin to track better and correct stats. If you need more directions and help, let me know in the comments section or as usual, send me an email.

Why I love Google Analytics App

I can always check my stats on the software online but it’s so close to me on my app. I can be obsessed over what’s going on on my blog. I do a lot of experiments, every day. It’s insider information, there are some things I can’t talk about. Just know that I do a lot of experimenting on this blog. All SEOs will have one or two things to say about using their blogs as albino lab rats.

When I launch these projects, I like to easily track the progress and what’s going on using Google Analytics app. It’s a more accurate way to check your blog stats. You can’t rely on the stats on your dashboard.

Beyond checking blog stats, there are also other parameters you can check with Google Analytics App. Now, I will have to go deeper, didn’t think this blog post will become this. Guuuuuuuuuys!

Okay, let me do this. With Google Analytics App you can track :

Bounce rate : if 100 people visit your site and all 100 left without visiting another page, you have a bounce rate of 100%. This is the best way I have explained bounce rate to people. This metric is very significant in that a website’s relevance can be measured using this metric.

Average session duration : Google analytics can also help you measure how long people spend on your site. Same, relevance.

Pages per session : how many pages do users visit per session. Same, relevance.

Users in real-time : so, it’s not like this one is an important metric. It’s just that it feeds my jokey head. I like to stumble on my app to find 20 users all at once on my site in real time. I then stay for some seconds more to watch how the number increases or decreases. Hopefully, very soon, I will open my Google analytics app to find 200 users on my blog in real time. You better say Amen for me now. Pray for me to blow o.

Traffic source : Google categorizes your traffic sources into 4 majorly : referral, direct, organic and social. It further classifies each of them accordingly. You are able to know what channel is doing well and where to improve.

You can track so many other things, Google Analytics is a beast. What I highlighted up there are those metrics that matter to me right now.

What I don’t like about Google Analytics App

It gets me obsessed over my blog stats. I find out that if I am not careful, I may just begin to breathe my blog.

There are also some minor discrepancies as regards traffic source. I know that error can’t be totally eliminated but I don’t like this one. Now, in comparison to other stats softwares, Google Analytics seems to me as best but still…

There is usually a mix up in the direct and organic traffic. I don’t like that, but it’s fine.

GTbank app

Shey you know I said I was listing my top 5 favorite apps. I didn’t say my most used apps o, favorite is what I said, ehn ehn.

So that gtbank app uhn, it’s one of my favorite apps. I like it very well. If you like, be pretending.

What I love about Gtbank app

Number one, money. That’s was I love about Gtbank app. Ehn, thank you.

I generally think that Gtbank is doing a great job in internet banking. In my own opinion, Gtbank has one of the most efficient online banking in Nigeria. Yes, they can be very annoying. They have caused me some pain but I take solace in the fact that I can transfer funds in a minute or less.

What I don’t like about Gtbank app

Gtbank itself! Sometimes, I would like to think that they are thieves. They have caused me some financial pain in the past. If not because it’s money and I like my money app, they should not even be on this list.

Maybe when I try another bank app sha. I need another bank as backup though. This gtbank can destroy somebody’s destiny.

They will be doing well for 5 months at a stretch. It’s the day you want to send money to a sick, dying person that they will know that money is supposed to hang. That’s one, what about when you are expecting money and you are so broke? Like all you have is 00.62 Naira. So, they eventually send you money and it’s hanging in ‘book balance’. You can’t withdraw, you can’t do anything!

Look how I turned this sweet post into a rant. I am so sorry. Next favorite app.

NIV bible app

I don’t use this app as frequently as I used to but it still stays on my top 5. I shifted to using my Good News Women devotional/study hard copy bible more frequently. It gives me a better quiet time feel.

When I am on my Bible app, I like to switch off my internet. It helps a whole lot to keep away distractions during my quiet time.

What I love about my NIV bible app

I can quickly reference scriptures of the Bible on the go. Now, I am not good at remembering scriptures verbatim and bible passages. I know what’s in the Bible or not, so you can’t come and bobo me o.

What I don’t know all the time is where. I kind of have issues with numbers and names. I have been trying my best to retain things in this brain, especially names.

So this challenge has made it difficult for me to remember scriptures verbatim and where they are. My NIV bible app has helped me a great deal.

I type the most unimaginable things into the search box of my NIV bible app. Occurrences of these search keywords are pulled up for me.

I also rely on my Bible app for outdoor faith based gatherings. I can’t remember when last I carried my physical bible out of my room. In church however, I rarely get to use my bible app because bible scriptures are usually protected on screen.

You can attend COZA without a bible, lol, without anything for that matter because even messages are recorded and you can order from the Word Factory. You can also buy Cds and books.

What I don’t like about my NIV Bible app

The ads. I generally don’t like apps with ads. I guess people of God need to make money too anyway.

I also can’t copy and paste from the Bible app like you can for some other bible apps. You can only bookmark and share directly.


Well, Instagram recently became one of my top 5. A year ago, it would have been Facebook. I used to Facebook like cray before. Somehow, I got tired of Facebook because of the many many arguments and feminism ish.

Twitter is actually the most notorious for messy trends but somehow, along the line, Facebook peeps began to be really messy. I think I just find social solace in Instagram.

What I love about Instagram

Instagram is so visually satisfying. That place is the best place to kill boredom and sadness.

I also like that it has become a very good tool for Bloggers. I have connected with more Bloggers on Instagram than I have on any other social media app. I guess Bloggers just like Instagram. The vanity though. If you are not careful, you may run into Blogger jealousy.

What I don’t like about Instagram app

Talk about Mb fapping! That app is an internet data destroyer. Gosh! Videos everywhere and stuff.

I also don’t like the dm feature. It’s not an efficient chat feature. Messaging people in there is slow and kind of not too smooth

Conclusion (and confession)

“My top 5 favorite apps” is one blog post Bloggers and content creators write under 30 minutes in less than 500 words. Here I am, 6 hours later, still writing.

It’s confirmed, I talk too much. You see how I transferred my talkative nature to my blog post? I think I should learn how to monetize talkativeness because it seems to me like I have lost out on millions of dollars already.

I will stop talking here, I want to hear you too. List your own favorite apps in the comments section below. Let me peep into your private mobile life small. Okay, bye now, for real.

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