top 10 favorite songs of 2018

My Top 10 Favorite Songs of 2018

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2018 has been one filled with a lot of music for me. So many songs have touched me down to my core.

Some of these songs helped me walk through some of the unpleasant things I experienced this year. I am soon releasing my 2018 in review.

I must warn you, many of the songs on my list are Gospel songs. The other day, in my Taxify, I pulled out my phone to play my own list when there wasn’t any music.

Somehow my driver and I hit a nice cord just before I began to listen to my songs. He commented on how I must be in total awe of Gospel songs.

That isn’t very difficult to see, is it? I really, sincerely, do not know what to do with songs I can’t relate to. The truth is that songs about God, what he has done for me, what I am capable of bringing out of our divine relationship and the rest bring out the best in me, so why not?

The rest of my favorites that are not Gospels, Y’all can hear the lyrics fam. I can’t deal with agaisbsidniooiyghjdbjbdjj. It hurts!

So, here, my top 10 favorites of 2018.

10. Changed by Geoffrey Golden

Changed by Geoffrey Golden

This song reminds me of my new life in Christ and how much of freedom I have to be more of myself now that I am forgiven. Geoffrey was so good with that song.

“I’ve got power to walk like a winner, though I may fail, he still calls me his own.”

This line gets me every time, every single time. ‘Tis so good to have a loving Father call you his own despite your stupidity. Jeez…

Listen to Changed by Geoffrey Golden here


Changed Lyrics here


9. Daddy’s Home by Travis Greene ft. Hailey Kiteley

Daddy's home by Travis GREENE

Travis Greeeeeeeeeeene. He has the lyrics. He has ’em fam. Daddy’s Home is such a reassuring song. I belong to God, I can have his last name. I don’t have to feel lost because really, I am not.

This song gives me the daughter chills. It makes me feel like a child yo. Daddy’s home baby and I would gladly run to him in despair.

You know, after being in Lagos for a while, you can lose your identity, I am not even joking, at all. If any Christian is to live a vibrant and fulfilling life, you need to be constantly reassured of God’s love and close to the power socket.

Download Daddy’s home by Travis Greene


Daddy’s Home by Travis Greene Lyrics


8. Worship Rise by Travis Greene


I can’t remember which of Travis Greene’s songs I shared on my Facebook status. A Facebook friend replied to the status and asked me to check out Worship Rise by Travis Greene.

Errrr….okay, so I took the chance, downloaded and loved it ever since. I just love the melody and rhythm of this one, nothing serious.

You should see me listen to this with my earpiece.

Download Worship Rise by Travis Greene


Worship Rise by Travis Greene Lyrics 


7. Party like a Princess by Jamie Grace

Party like a princess

“When I walked into the party
Everybody just stopped
Even the DJ wasn’t ready
To see me without a boy who isn’t ready
To be a king
So tell me why would I be be chasing him
To be his queen?

Don’t you know who my Daddy is?
Don’t you know what my Daddy did?
Don’t you know who my Daddy is?
He paid it all
I’m the belle of this ball
So I’m gonna

Party like a princess
Party like a princess
Party like a princess
Party like a princess
I don’t need a prince to party like a princess”

This is mostly my favorite part of the song. Hopefully it doesn’t sound like we belles are proud yo. It’s just that we are not sure we want to wait around for our Princes to party like Princesses, you know.

party like a princess by jamie grace

Just saying. Somehow this song became an anthem for me. Lol, I play this song when I feel lonely. Hihihihihih..It brings out the groove in me in a way.

It works every time. Next thing, I am at the beach, the cinema or in a friend’s house binging on Netflix. Buhhahahahaahahah. Jamie Grace was good with this one. By the way, I love Jamie Grace for all the obvious reasons.

Download Party Like A Princess


Party Like A Princess Lyrics


6. Romeo & Juliet by Johnny Drille

Romeo and Juliet by Johnny Drille

Okay, so my colleagues, all of them know that I am a fan of Johnny Drille’s music. I crushed on Johnny Drille for a while but fell out of crush eventually. It was so good to be free. Lol.

The first time I heard this song was at the cinema. I was watching The Royal Hibiscus Hotel. I fell in love with it so much that I went in search for it.

This song gives me chills every single time.

Download Romeo and Juliet by Johnny Drille 


Romeo and Juliet Lyrics


5. Non Fiction by LeCrae

Non Fiction by Lecrae

LeCrae came hard on this one. He was too transparent and that still gets me wondering why he would. This isn’t why I love the song though.

It’s way more shallow, my reason is shallow. I listened to it in school so much that it rose up my most played playlist. Since then, I got stuck.

I loved the beat and the rhythm

Download Non-Fiction by LeCrae with Lyrics


4. LookAtChu by The Gratitude

LookAtChu by The Gratitude

This jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamz faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. LookAtChu is that one song that brings me alive. After Rabababa eh by The Gratitude, this song comes next.

There is creativity that comes with The Gratitude. I love it.

LookAtChu by The Gratitude Lyrics


LookAtChu by The Gratitude download


3. Omeka Nnaya by Mercy Chinwo

Omeka Nnaya by Mercy Chinwo

This was my birthday Anthem! I was at Coza the day before my birthday, Mercy Chinwo was around to sing this song and it hit me so good.

I was humbled and remembered why I would not stop playing Omeka Nnaya.

So, yea, this song is very deep to me. My favorite line- “men may not understand how far you’ve brought me, men may not understand”

I will never forget what I experienced when I heard her sing it live. It was a different thing. I later got to know that she shares the same birthday with me, no wonder there was a connection tho’

Donwload Omeka Nnaya by Mercy Chinwo


Omeka Nnaya by Mercy Chinwo Lyrics


2. Reckless Love by Bethel Music

Reckless love by cory asbury

If you are a Christian and have never heard Reckless Love by Bethel Music, I demand that you review your playlist. This song speaks to everybody. I say this because all of the people I know listen and sing Reckless Love.

This song is one of reassurance. God’s love is everything.

My favorite line- “There’s no shadow you won’t light up, mountain you won’t climb up, coming after me”

God bless Cory Asbury!

Download Reckless Love by Bethel Music


Reckless Love by Bethel Music lyrics


1. Limp by Jonathan McReynolds

limp by jonathan mcreynolds

This is my favorite of 2018! Limp by Jonathan McReynolds.

I’m tired, broken, innocence stolen
And I know I’m a different man
See life hits and life hurts
Think I’ve seen some of life’s worst
But You’ve been here so You understand
See I fell and I broke something
But I couldn’t tell ’cause I kept running
Away from Your love and grace
So my trips and my pains, my failures
They only make me desperate to seek Your face

Yeah, the devil hoped this injury would make me stop and take defeat
But I know Jesus walks with me

So I’ll just keep on walking with my limp, limp, limp, limp
Just keep on walking with my limp, limp, limp, limp

I’m imperfect, so I slipped up
And I had my heart ripped up
But You’re the lifter of my head (of my head)
So, please come and please heal
How I think and how I feel
And I’ll live by what You said
And You said

Heavy laden come to me
The sick, the flawed, the lame, the weak
And I’ll be everything you need

Limps are every weakness
Limps are every flaw
That keeps us from having
An otherwise perfect walk
And we were born handicapped
But God gives us strength back
And all that you lack
If you just keep on walking with your limp

I’ll pursue You, my victory
‘Cause when they beat You
You look just like me
You were struggling with Your passion and Your love
It kept You walking with Your limp
Calvary walking with Your limp
No matter what they said, You kept walking with Your limp
Yeah, that’s my Savior with His limp
Just so one day

The lyrics are enough to convince you of why this is my favorite. Hopefully, you understand me enough to understand why.

Download Limp by Jonathan McReynolds


Share your favourite playlist with me. What songs brought out the best in you in 2018?

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