Must a relationship lead to marriage?

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Every time on social media, there is an opinion about a relationship mess or marriage gone down south. Commendable is that people who usually express their opinions do so in very assertive ways. Someone is talking about how a relationship they never thought would end ended and a strongly opinionated person comes on strong to dish his own thoughts about the matter overall.

This blog post in essence is my own opinion. Difference, it is not on social media, it is on my blog. Lol.

People go into relationships for many reasons – companionship, a feel of ownership, access to constant sex, in preparation for marriage, to boast of a certain status, to shame a certain set of people, name it. People go into relationships for so many reasons, some of which are blatantly absurd. That being said, this should not in essence shock anyone if a relationship publicly perceived as everlasting ever breaks up.

Every single one of us yearns and needs to be loved, this time by someone of the opposite sex. I mean, it makes the love more worthwhile or should I say romantic?

But what should be anyone’s disposition about their relationships holistically? Listen, breakups in relationships happen. In fact, some of the seemingly strong relationships eventually break up and some of them turn surprisingly sour.

While this is the case, would or should anyone get into any relationship with that much pessimism? How about an attempt to not ‘waste emotions’? Yes, relationships dissolve but should that ever be an option just at the beginning of a relationship?

If you are not ready to go into marriage, why open your heart to that much emotional gamble. Some people talk about going into a relationship for experience. They explain that so that when the right man comes, they are more prepared than if he was the first. I say this is a little bit flawed for an excuse. If your heart has been broken so many times, I wonder what piece of it you will be presenting the last guy in the series? Definitely, not the whole piece.

If you ask me, I would say that you enter a relationship with optimism. I once told someone that if you don’t treat relationships like you would treat your marriage, you might as well give up on your love life too frequently to stay.

‘Must’ a relationship lead to marriage? Yes. Have all relationships led to marriages? No.


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