Must-have things in your manicure/ pedicure kit

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Hello Ladies? Do you have a manicure/pedicure kit? What are its contents?

Let’s see the basic things that must be found in our manicure/pedicure kit

  • Nail file- Gives shape to nails
  • Nail scissors/clipper/cutter- Trims excess nails
  • Nail buffer- Used in polishing nails surface
  • Nail brush- For washing of nails
  • Cuticle pusher/cleaner- Cleans and arranges nail beds
  • Foot file/pumice stone- For washing of heels and underfoot
  • Toes seperator- Separates nails while applying nail polish to prevent them from smudging
  • Liquid bath wash- Add to warm water to wash nails and feet
  • Olive or coconut oil/ Shea butter- Helps in keeping heels soft and supple
  • Nail polish- Add colour to nails

So check your kit and make sure this things are in there. It helps us do self manicure/pedicure often, which is also good because we are able to save salon costs.

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