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5 Most Wanted on my Bucket List

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I have a long bucket list and it is all of a sudden, overwhelming. I just began to add and add until well, I have now have a long scroll.

I have a bucket list for life, for my relationship (hopefully, the man will stop wasting time, hian), for my career and then the random bucket list.

Scanning through them, 5 of them are just items I can’t wait to have/ achieve and I will dive in straight:

Have flat tummy

Do you guys remember my post on Intermittent fasting? It is working o, in fact, really working. The problem now is how I will live a normal life and still have a flat tummy.

That flatness must happen whether I eat cake or at 10 pm. I don’t know how but as long as that is already on this bucket list, forget it, I am going to have it, let’s bet it.

Go to the abroad

When I was much younger, I stumbled on my cousin’s written recount of his first trip to London. I tucked it away just after I realized that it was supposed to be private.

But sha, guys, I must go to the abroad before I die. Let’s even start from Ghana ni len len nbeyen. Ehn!

Work at Google

Okay, y’all know how obsessed I have recently become with Google. I just want to share the same air the big Internet guys share. One week at Google is capable of increasing my earning power like cray because I will sure be leaving there loaded.

Let them just tell me one, two or three things about search engines and how they work. Of course, they won’t let in on their “dark secrets”, but just tell me something more than the ordinary optimization techniques.

Have beautiful kids

So ehn, all my children will be fine. In fact, we will go out with my kids and have everyone turn around. It means my husband will be fine, it’s that simple, really.

Please o, if you have any conflicting kinikan on this point, just don’t mention o. Tori I don’t have energy. Fine kids!

Learn how to draw a straight line

So, when we were learning geometry then, I was the only one that had problems with drawing a relatively straight line or circle. I thought when I grew older things would be better but as it stands fam, I can’t draw straight line o.

I will start from the left and something will just happen, everything will destroy.

What is that one most important thing on your bucket list?

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