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Minimum Requirements to Start Your Blog in 2018

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Start your blog in 2018

I have met people who I have had to ask times without number, ‘dear xyz, you have been talking about this blog, so when are you going to start your blog?’ I am asking this question in February and I am getting answers in the line of, ‘errr… Next year sha, I am sure, next year is my blogging year’

What happens to like now?

So I say to them that they have all the minimum requirements they need to start their blogs and they are like, naaaah.


This is what makes this whole process seem too intentional and more of an almost unachievable goal – they are wondering how to start with ‘too few materials’. Sometimes they even make these ‘materials’ sound like ‘heavy machinery’ lol.

There are just a few minimum requirements you need to start your blog and I beg you, if you are part of all the people who have said ‘next year’ like 2018,  you better just ‘farabale’ read this post now o. 2018 is your year true true, so start biko.

A Domain Platform

You will need to choose from the different domain platforms that we have, out of which Blogspot and WordPress are the most popular. I strongly advise that you start out with the free plans first. This is to give you a hang of what you want to do with your blogging as a whole.

A smart phone and/or laptop

If you have a phone that browses the internet, has access to social media, and can collect applications for writing, what are you waiting for?

A laptop is an added advantage to start your blog. If you are planning to start with a big bang, oh well, yeah.

Internet connection

Before thinking of starting your blog, you had always been on the internet. I can’t be wrong o. The third minimum requirement you need to start your blog is data o.

And that’s all people. It’s time to really do this do and stop procrastinating. If you are waiting to buy a domain and a host, a camera and what have you, you won’t start that blog o. 2018 will pass you by like this and you will still be there wishing and hoping.

P. S- If you are that afraid to start on your own, I offer Blog consulting services. I also build blogs from scratch, design them and even redesign ‘expired’ looking blogs. You only need to chat me up on 08169667381.

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