Mary’s Baby Boy by Psalm Ebube [LYRICS & DOWNLOAD]

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Mary’s Baby Boy by Psalm Ebube Lyrics

See the lights are fading
Fireworks sparkling
And the stars are shining now
Mary’s baby boy
Was given to us…just to save humanity

Also: Alagbada Ina by Nathaniel Bassey

From the east the wise men
Brought gifts to please him
For a king was born to us
They brought him gold, myrrh and frankincense
For our king is born

Merry Merry christmas
to you and your kins
Good tidings we bring
To you and yours
For a king is born to us…

Also: Jesus at the center by Eben

Mary’s baby boy
So cute and handsome
In the manger where he laid
He’s our prince of peace
And He came to ease
Our pain and our shame
Make haste to meet him
Make haste to greet him
For a king is born to us.
They called him wonderful
For a king is born…

Also: Nagode by Solomon Lange


Whistle ooooo
Oh… it’s time to celebrate

Everybody jubilate….

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