#MarketMarchYaba caused a shift!

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My colleague sent a link to me last night, you should see how I hurried to the site as soon as I saw the link components. It was a progressive development from #MarketMarchYaba; they were taking it a step further.

We had to sign a petition to ask the government to enforce laws against sexual harassment and bullying of women in the market place.

You can click on this link to sign too. We have more than 4,000 signatures as of this morning already and we only started yesterday, I think.

There had been a protest last week and it turned out incredibly successful.

So, good news y’all, we saw this last night and jeez, this is so relieving. Message has finally been passed, there is an awareness of how inconvenient it is to be randomly touched in different places by disrespectful men.


Having a law passed to this effect will drastically reduce if not totally stop the sexual harassment in the market.

I mentioned on my status yesterday that even though shouting on Twitter and other social media channels seems futile (not completely though), it is only a part of the problem, not the major problem.

The major problem I said is lack of leadership. Sometimes, someone has to rise up to cheerlead for something to be done. This is not to say that we would rather fold arms until there is a Saviour. It is just that in many cases, someone has to be at the forefront to stir, inspire and influence people to action.

When someone rose up to cheerlead, we all followed, didn’t we? I can’t count how many of my friends shared the petition signing. It spread like wild fire.

Hopefully, we get this to end once and for all.

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