Makeup hacks you probably didn’t know

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Makeup hacks you probably didn't know

Hi girls, today, you will be exposed to Makeup hacks you probably didn’t know

I bring y’all good tidings of great joy?. This blog post is for some of us that don’t have a complete makeup kit. Sometimes we travel and forget to pack everything. Yeah, most of us have been and will be victims of this.

Improvised makeup, if done correctly will look as good and neat as the original. I’ll just list out some of the improvisations and Makeup hacks we can do

  • Cotton bud for eye shadow,  liner and eyebrow concealer brush
  • Lipstick as blusher or vice versa 
  • Hair spray as makeup spray?. Let me give directive on this one. Hold the spray a bit away from face and spray a little to hold makeup in place for long.  Please we’re advised to use this only in emergency situations. 
  • Eye pencil/maskara for eyeliner . 
  • Black eye pencil as black lipstick . 
  • Foundation as eyebrow concealer . 
  • Eyeshadow and foundation as contour. 
Are there other Makeup hacks you think we should know about? 

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