Cheap Ways to Unwind After an Hectic Week

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Esther Adeniyi

You know, if you don’t watch it, you are going to live a regimented life of constant working. The weekend is a time to unwind. Everyone should do all they can to make their weekends more fun. It will help you avoid constant burning out.

Another reason why people never ever get to enjoy the off-work break is because they do not know there are cheap ways to make the weekend more fun.

Anything fun, interesting, amazing usually connotes ‘expensive’. At least, that’s the way we see it here. I thought so too for a very long time. If I didn’t have a certain amount of money, I would not step out. In fact, I needed a whole lot of things aside money, all put together to make my weekends lit.

A colleague and I began to discuss one day and I realized that I have been missing out on weekend fun. I needed to loosen up and make some memories. Memories that will envelope and satisfy all through the week, enough to last until another weekend.

So, what cheap ways can you make the weekend more lit?


1. Watch new movies

You can buy new movies from your CD seller and settle down to watch this weekend. It’s more exciting to have your neighbors over and binge watch. A series might be more fun. Otherwise, you can get many movies.

2. ‎Go see your friends

It’s about time to catch up with your friends. Enough of the routine already. Tell them you are coming over during the weekend so that they can prepare for you. Go over and play games, watch movies, discuss ideas,  catch up etc.

3. ‎Cook a new meal

Well, for those who don’t find cooking burdensome, you might want to make history during the weekend. Pick up your favorite cook book or check out the recipes online and cook something new for the weekend. You can also learn something new e.g how to tie fan gele.

4. ‎Go to a neighborhood park

Some parks and resorts are indeed cheap to get in. Sometimes you need just 200 Naira to make that happen.

5. ‎Visit family

If you live away from your family, the weekend is a time to go see them. You will definitely come back with loads of foodstuff and homely gifts.

6. ‎Read your favorite book

Plan to read that book you have been anticipating. One way to make memories during the weekend is to have something to distinctly remember. A book is going to expose you to another world.

7. ‎Go somewhere new

Have you tried checking out the next street, or the new restaurant rave?  Just go somewhere you have never been before. It will inspire your creativity and satisfy your curiosity.

One other tip, avoid Lagos traffic this weekend, lol.

Tell me, what more fun ways do you maximize the weekend?

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