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The other way to make money as a Blogger

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When I started out as a Blogger, all I wanted to do was have an online space I could call my own. I wanted to write out my heart and I was content with all of that. A year or two later, I began to learn blog monetization strategies gradually. Prior to this time, if anyone had told me you could make money from your blog, I would stare at them in utter disbelief.


Fast forward from when I opened my blog to when I discovered that you could make money from it. What did I not read about? I consumed a lot of information on the internet so much that I could tell you a whole lot of stuff about making money from a blog.


Did this knowledge help me make money? No. Did even the implementation of these strategies help me make money? No no. Nothing worked. I signed up with Google Adsense. In fact, at the time, getting approved by Google Adsense was pretty much easier than now. So,  I signed up, got approved and pasted Ads all over my blog.


You can guess right, nothing worthwhile came out of that. I always ended up closing my Google Adsense dashboard in total disappointment. Wait a second, some Bloggers make money from Google Adsense. I am not here to totally discourage or nullify the potential of Google Adsense to your blog earnings. Even if it doesn’t serve as your main blog income, it can be something you can keep aside until it accrues enough money to cash out.


I moved on from Google Adsense to affiliate advertisements. I earned some money from that, but it was too little to sustain a blog. Money from affiliate advertising wasn’t even mostly from my blog so to say. I had my links pasted on some other places.


In short, making money as a Blogger was very very difficult. I was frustrated. I was frustrated not because I opened my blog for the sole purpose of making money. I just wanted to be compensated as I had begun to move on away from leisure blogging to more serious blogging. I had begun to curate more meaningful content as I began to build and cultivate my own little audience.


Everyday as a Blogger, I discovered Bloggers who were making a lot of money from their blogs and that challenged me. It would later shock me to realize that some Bloggers were actually blogging full time. They lived on income from their blogs. This is impressive, I would mutter to myself.


The more I saw the potential of earning money from my blog, the more the desire heightened. I have decided that in this blog post, I would rather help you relate to my experiences as a blogger money wise than dish out another article on blog monetization. The internet is full of it already. If you really really need to learn them, you can dig them up online, they are many,  you’d find detailed ones too.


So, what changed for me as a Blogger?


A change of perspective did it. It was the springboard on which other ideas were birthed for money making as a Blogger.


In my blog title, I say ‘make money as a Blogger’. I didn’t say, ‘make money from your blog,’ Did you notice that? If you didn’t, this is just the right place to call your attention.


You can make money from your blog (direct monetization) and on account of your blog (indirect monetization). Here is what I mean, if you were to make money directly from your blog, it would mean generating income from direct ads, affiliate banners, sponsored posts, Ad companies etc. If you were to make indirectly, this could mean that you generate income from a service off your blogging expertise and niche. It could mean generating income off what you show off on your blog. What I am invariably saying here is that you’d be making money as a Blogger.


What am I driving at?


I want you to look at your blog as an extension of your personality. Look at your blog as a foundation, a platform and a proof of what you are capable of doing. Look beyond your blog when you are beginning to set your blog monetization strategies in place. Treat your blog as your first foot forward.
So, how do you leverage on your blog as a Blogger to make money?


No doubt, the more niched your blog is, the faster and easier it would be to make money off it if you are planning to monetize your expertise and skills. However, if you treat your blog as an extension of your personality online, narrowing down to a blogging niche or not would matter less.

Make money as a Blogger


So, what are you good at? What is your selling point? What have you learned so much in all these years? What aspect of your skill set can you monetize? What part of your business can you use your blog for?


Take for instance, you are a food Blogger who is passionate about writing new recipes. Write all of what you can, write your heart content but keep a different new level of recipes and techniques for an online course you can sell. What services can you make off your food passion? What about a catering business alongside? A food home delivery business? Do you know that you can even teach food recipes to small scale companies? What about being a consultant? Oh yes, you can teach people the much you have gatherered as a food Blogger at a fee.


You are a personal Blogger who has a private practice. Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, whatever it is you have set aside as side hustle. You can have a particular page to talk about it. You can subtly promote it in your posts.A post about a book shopping experience is the best place to emphasize education. You could chip in your private teaching or home schooling side hustle.


I build blogs, design them and consult for new Bloggers. I also manage blogs and social media accounts. This is because I have taken time to learn these things, I have also experienced a lot of things as a Blogger, made costly mistakes etc… People would be glad to learn all of these at a cost. It’s a faster route for them to blogging success.


My blog is the foundation, my social media platforms are extensions and with all of these combined, I am able to build authority as a Blogger and market myself as a Blogger. This has invariably served as my major source of income, my expertise as a Blogger.


So I say you can monetize anything as a Blogger. Look into what you are passionate about, have gained so much experience about, a selling point and can as well fit your audience. Position yourself as an authority and make money off it.


It doesn’t have to be a popular skill or service you are marketing. All you need is an audience that listens. This is why this concept will not work if you don’t even know your audience in the first place.
In conclusion,  take a break off the popular blog monetization strategies not working for you just yet. You can go back to employing them one by one later.


Look into using your blog as a springboard to making money and a platform to show off your skill set. People have been given jobs because of their blogs. They were able to leverage on their blogs to get related jobs. Their blogs were the perfect platforms to show off their capabilities or part of their capabilities.


You can make money as a Blogger, be flexible enough to discover what you can merge with your brand.


P. S-If you would like me to work with you to make your blog or any other social platform better, send an email to I will be waiting for you in there.


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