Major Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria

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Unemployment in Nigeria is a very serious issue. Not only Youths experience Unemployment but elderly citizens of the country as well experience this. This article looks to analyse Unemployment in Nigeria, its causes and also suggest solutions to the problem. Read on to know more about Unemployment in Nigeria.

What really is Unemployment?

Unemployment is the situation where an individual or individuals lack earning jobs that they can work. Unemployment is a sad situation for any person to be in. Why? Because it causes poverty. When a person is unemployed, they can’t afford basic Life needs because they haven’t earned any money yet.

Employment is crucial to a person’s survival whether they are self employed or working for someone.. Unemployment can drive people to do crazy things in order to survive. For this reason, Unemployment in any country should be reduced to the barest minimum at all costs.

Statistics of Unemployment in Nigeria.

According to tradingeconomics.com, the current Unemployment rate in Nigeria is 23.10% for the third quarter of 2018. This stat has risen from previous stats. Because the same website stated that in the fourth quarter of 2010, the Unemployment rate in Nigeria was 5.10% only! Now this is not a good one at all for Nigeria.

So we have talked about what Unemployment is, and we have analysed the Unemployment rates in Nigeria. We are going to talk about the causes of Unemployment in Nigeria. Which is the real reason why you’re here, right? So, without further time wastage, let’s dive in!

Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria.

1. Low Quality of Education.

It is no secret that if you are in search of a white collar job, then you need to have a high quality education portfolio. A major reason why lots of Youths in Nigeria are not given the jobs they apply for is because the quality of education is not up to par with standards.

Some Youths are graduates but they can’t pass some simple quantitative and qualitative reasoning tests asked by their potential employers during interviews. This is all due to low education quality. Lots of educational institutions lack the required funds needed to churn out quality Graduates from their institutions.

2. Illiteracy.

Some Nigerians haven’t been to school before.. some have been to school but didn’t complete their basic education, some went and completed the basic education up to Primary level but the schools they attended were so low standard, that the students couldn’t read simple words and sentences. All of these manifest as illiteracy even though they are of different categories.

People that are illiterate will find it hard to get employed because they have no skills to offer. Education improves one’s level of thinking and Illiterates therefore are incapable of that. Employers can’t employ illiterates because of this.

3. Corruption.

Corruption has a role to play in the employment rate in Nigeria. When public officials are corrupt in their handling of public funds, they embezzle and divert funds necessary for the creation of jobs in the Nigerian society. This later backfires in the society as more and more people keep searching for jobs that are non-existent.

If the public officials weren’t corrupt in the first place, more jobs would have been created and the unemployment rate would have been drastically reduced. But then, This is Nigeria…

4. Obsession with White Collar Jobs.

A large percentage of Nigerian youths crave White Collar Jobs more than any other class of jobs. The problem with this is that, people fail to see Job opportunities in other areas of the economy. Because they have looked down on the other Job categories such as Farming.

There is a big space in the category of Agriculture especially for Jobs and employment, but many Youths choose to ignore or simply aren’t aware of this due to their preoccupation with getting White Collar Jobs.

5. Ignorance and lack of critical thinking.

There are many businesses that if launched today, have the potential to make lots of money for the entrepreneurs that launched them but lots of Nigerians don’t do creative thinking.

So, they are unable to spot these gaps and fill them. Ignorance comes into play when an individual thinks being unemployed is better than starting their own business or learning vocational skills that are in demand. Ignorance causes lots of Nigerians to be unemployed.

6. Poverty and lack of funds.

Poverty causes a lot of problems in any society and in Nigeria, it is also causing Unemployment. Many parents lack the funds needed to send their wards to high quality schools to gain education. This causes illiteracy which in turn makes the individual unemployable.

Also, Youths that have fantastic ideas and wish to launch their ideas as businesses are crippled by lack of capital and funds which is still linked to poverty. When a society is poor, they can’t launch businesses, and this leads to Job scarcity and finally Unemployment results from it.

7. Poor electricity supply.

When there is lack of electricity, the available companies and businesses can’t run effectively and this can mean low earnings or cause the companies to shut down. This means there will be a lesser amount of companies that Job seekers can apply to, since most of the companies have gone bankrupt and closed down.

It is no longer news that the electricity supply in Nigeria is very pitiful. This factor as subtle as it is may seem, plays a big role in the high Unemployment rate in Nigeria.

8. Favoritism and nepotism.

In Nigeria, there is a phenomenon called “Connection”. This is when a less qualified applicant for a job, gets the job position over a more qualified applicant due to previous familiarity between the less qualified candidate and the employer.

This kind of favoritism is not beneficial to job seekers as the well qualified candidates are left to sit at home while the less qualified ones are picked. This phenomenon is very common all over Nigeria and it has sadly contributed to the high Unemployment rate in the country.

9. Poor economic status of the country.

The poor economic climate of Nigeria as it is now is not attractive to investors at all. If the economic clime was a good one, then investors would have come to set up companies in Nigeria and then new jobs would have been created. But unfortunately, the economy of Nigeria currently as it is, is nothing to speak of.

Wrapping it up, we hope we have finely outlined the causes of Unemployment in Nigeria and that we have done justice to the explanations to satisfy your question. If you have more to add to this topic, you can add to it in the comments.

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