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10 Love lessons from Nobody’s Fool (2018 Movie)

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I know, I am late to the party. Nobody’s Fool is not one movie I will miss out on notwithstanding. I saw it earlier this week and I am totally won over. I decided I am going to share some of the lessons from Nobody’s Fool with you.

What’s cool about just sharing Nobody’s Fool now is that I don’t ever have to worry about being a spoiler. I am just going to assume that 60% of my blog readers have seen the movie. If you have not, oh well, I don’t know what you are watching.

Nobody’s Fool Movie Trailer


Some of the things I am going to say are not absolute in their own rights. Some are relative. Some are not going to go down well with you and that’s okay. In the end, we have all built our own value systems and we have lots of expectations already.

So maybe you don’t agree with all of what I learn from Nobody’s fool but really, they are all my personal lessons. You are welcome to move on the same frequency as I am with them or discard them as quickly as you can. Either way, we are still going to be friends.

10 Love lessons from Nobody’s Fool

1. With a consistent show of affection, you can win anyone over

Do you think you don’t like a guy or a girl? Well, be with them every day and let them be consistent with affection. One of the core tenets of love is friendship. If you are truly friends with someone, you can gradually move on to something higher. Friends love each other unconditionally. This is what being constant with someone will bring -pure intimacy.

2. Your ‘list’ is going to make no single sense at the end of the day

So, yes, let’s talk about our lists. What we want in this man or woman. If you are truly going to let someone be themselves, a list will just be there as a guide. If you make your list rigid rules and laws, you are going to set yourself up for a life of stress.

3. Love is complicated

Not all love stories will have the same pattern just because they have similar circumstances surrounding them. We like to see things in black and white. Sadly, there’s grey and pretending it doesn’t exist just complicates the way we process love. Love is not that one thing anyone has a manual for. We are all still trying to understand love because it is unique to both lovers.

4. Long-distance relationship requires basic common sense

How you date someone over the internet for one year and not feel stupid still beats me. Some things do not require courses, they are plain common sense. If someone is giving you vibes that do not sit well with you, it is most likely that your intuitions are not wrong.

5. Love will hurt you, sorry

nobody's fool movie lessons

I know right. You see, if you are in love with someone, what they do or don’t mean a lot to you than if you were not in love with them. So maybe you should not be scared to allow yourself to be disappointed. You will be hurt that they put someone else before you even though it is not their intention. 

6. Don’t be ashamed to take time to heal from a broken heart

If you want to completely live a life devoid of hidden bitterness, deal with the last brokenness. If you don’t, you are going to carry this baggage into the new relationship. Unfortunately, this is bad for your brand new relationship and unfair on your partner.

7. “Hurt people hurt people”

You can spare someone else of your wrath and deal with your hurt. That you are hurt is not their fault at all. So really, stay put and let yourself heal.

8. You need only one person to care about you

Or two.

This is not even your lover, in this case. A friend, maybe. A loving friend might just be all you need for sense to flow back into your brain. If you have people who care enough about you, they see what you don’t see and are willing to feel your wrath telling you that, you are complete.

9. Take the high road regardless

nobody's fool movie lessons

Leave the side chic alone. It is not about the side chic fam. Your relationship is just rubbish, you are dating a stupid man. So leave the side chic alone. Oh, and leave the community penis alone too. Square up and take the high road. We don’t find classy women shouting, screaming and pulling hair.

10. Financial independence fortifies love

Money or lack of it thereof will destroy your relationship. So in all thy getting, get financial independence. Financial independence is not one-sided here. If you are a woman, you are not allowed to ask for things like a child.

Money brings you a certain level of confidence so maybe if the reason you are dating this dude is because of daily lunch, you may need to do a complete audit of your entire life. Something is wrong with you! If you as the man or woman cannot bring financial love into the relationship, don’t drain from it.

Ever seen this movie? What do you make of it? You can also share your own lessons with me in the comments section.

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