Love Dies When There’s No Money. True or False?

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Hello everyone, some of you might have noticed already. We are back and pumping y’all. I am excited to be back. I missed blogging already. My blog contributors are also prepared to give you the best of the best. This blog is going to be your favorite in weeks, trust me.

Just a little teaser. We would love to have an interactive post today. People say that when there is no money, love dies. Some even claim that you can’t help it, it just dies naturally! We have asked this question on here before, this post is just an update.

A lot of discussions have been going on around this, so we would like to know how interconnected relationship and finances are? So, let’s go! What do you think about this?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    False. Love is long-suffering, if love dies as a result of lack of money, then it is not love. The foundation for love must never be money. If the love of money is the root to all evil, then true love cannot take money as it's foundation. If love dies because there is no money, then it was never love.

    1. "…then it was never love." Hmmmmm…

  2. If that was the impression created at the beginning of the relationship.

  3. It depends on the kind of love being professed. Love as I know it is a commitment of the will – a commitment to a person irrespective of circumstances. In fact, a test of love is the attitude of the lovers in the absence of money. If it fails then it wasn't love in the first place.

    1. If in the absence of money, the love they share begins to shake, would we still conclude that they never loved?

  4. Michelle Sokeng says:

    I guess love should burn the more in difficult times, rather than it bein based on materialisticscterms. True lov is expressed n made known in challening times. So, the type of love expressed durin periods of hard times will sorely depend on the base of the relationship.

  5. Love should not die in the absence of money. True love does not die nothing is potent enough to kill it. Except the relationship was built round material things of course, love should sustain two people when they experience tough times

  6. Love in its real sense is more of a decision than a feeling. If the former is the basis of the relationship, then with or without money, love will stand the test of financial constraints. If the latter is the case, feelings will definitely change when things go sour financially.

    The major crux however is the foundation. If it's built on money and material things, well, it's expected to grow cold amd eventually die when money is missing.

  7. Love doesn't die. Money intensive activities are only toned down

  8. Anonymous says:

    See ego is important in this life. Love can die. Money answereth all things. It doesn't mean they don't love each other. The shock of money disappearing all of a sudden can cause a big problem if there is no shock absorber.

  9. I agree wit Anonymous 1:50pm. Money can cause stress in d relationship if it was in abundance and luv may be affected.

  10. That might mean the relationship was founded on comfort, convenience and the "fluttering of the heart" kind of love, and not the love of will and commitment. So if the former is true for them, then they never loved.

  11. Please love doesn't die…. Nice piece

  12. Please love doesn't die…. Nice piece

  13. This question is deep and it has been the bedrock of many questions that involves relationship.

    For me, I beg to differ. Love "Should" not die when there is longer money. If it dies then it means money was the first point of attraction.

    Who says there won't be money again? If the first attraction that endears one to love is because of money then that is what I call "The love of money."

    Relationship should not be basically based on money. Money is very important but it should not be the only focus.

    1. "Money is very important but it should not be the only focus." I like this very much.

      Thank you Ilesanmi for sharing your thoughts concerning this.

  14. Loking at this present economic condition, location/situation and the lifestyle we all (both sex) wants to live… oh! Not forgetting the financial implication that comes with relationships and family set-up. We won't be far from the truth to say that money is a key factor in any relationship.

    That being said, if Money was the basis of the relationship then there was no love to start with.
    Love should not die when there is no money. Yes, Love can be affected, but it should never die. Instead it should thrives and bloom the more.

  15. It all depends on the parties involved. As for me, money isn't a necessary factor, doesn't mean that i will want to date someone i have to pay their bills either.

  16. Thank you Firstmahn for your submission. I totally agree with you on this.

  17. nowadays things have changed money is now very important in making the bond in love stronger, if there is no money she might try to endure for a while and if it it doesn't come she is gonna leave, 80% of women leave their partners if there is no money. love can grow without money but if money neva comes as expected it's gonna die.

    1. Hmmmmmmm, thank you for the contribution.

  18. Nay for me, true love should be able to stand the test of time, financial bankruptcy inclusive. Any love purely based on money isn't "true" in the first place. But it's a pity the generation we are in now portrays her own definition of love to be without money, there is no love. How sad!

    1. Hmmmmmmm, thank you for the submission.

  19. It depends. Love really conquers all. If I really do love a man, I wouldnt leave him just because he got suddenly broke. We can work together to make it better.

  20. This shouldn't even be a debate. If you are poor, work hard and improve your life first. Then we can take it up from there. Money is equally as important as love. It spices up love.

    NB: This is my opinion.

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