25 Lists to make when life gets really overwhelming

25 Lists to make when life gets really overwhelming

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Lists have saved me times without number. I will tell you for free, you can pull through a very harsh day with lists. You don’t have to worry yet, all of these lists will be listed in this list, aha.

You know, one of the many reasons we might feel stuck, overwhelmed, mentally drained or just down is because we have too many things on our minds at the same time.

These things have no space for expression. Some of them are so hidden within us we don’t even know what they are until they are written. And some of these lists might just be everything we need to bring our productivity to a level that we never ever dreamed of.

If you work closely with me, you will be a lister. And this is because the lack of this thereof has caused me to be overwhelmed a few times. I have had to feel like I was achieving nothing and that my life is going to end a busy girl. I would wonder if there is ever going to be a time I would be able to have ao much fun without having to think about work I have left behind.

Many of these lists help me organize my thoughts and finetune my processes. They also help me discover some of the things I am missing. I am so glad I would be sharing these lists with you. Some of the lists will simply relieve you, some will make you happy, some will bring back memories to relax you and some will just make you smile.

When you feel overwhelmed, you can just draw up your writing pad, notebook or favorite note app and begin to draw up a list. My favorite app for doing this is Google Keep.

So you can just use the ‘tick boxes’ feature if you also use Google Keep. It automatically brings up checkboxes behind your list items and you are able to check what’s been done and what’s left if it is that kind of list.

The following are lists to make when life gets overwhelming.

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25 Lists to make when life gets really overwhelming

1. Gratitude list – list out all of what you are thankful for at the moment. If you are feeling discouraged, this will help you realize how great your life is despite the present overwhelm.

2. To-do list – what are you going to do today, this week or this month? To-do lists help to keep me organized. The joy of ticking things off my to-do list too is just so good. To-do lists greatly help to simplify your life.

3. Shopping list – this is for so you are not overspending or forgetting to buy something at the mall. Never walk out of your house into the market without a shopping list.

4. Wishlist – what are those things you would like to own if you had all the resources to buy them? Sometimes I go to online stores to add these things on my wishlist into my shopping cart and offload them later. Aha.

5. Outstanding list – this is where I write all of the things I am supposed to have accomplished for the week and faltered. I find a way to fix them into my daily or weekly list until they are all done.

6. Bucket list – list all you would like to do before the year runs out or before you die. See these bucket list ideas for 2019.

7. Contact list – well, you can turn your boredom into a traditional saviour. A lot of people have been saved just because they had a contact list.

8. Birthday list – this is that time you might want to write out the birthdays of all of your friends. You never want to miss a birthday again.

9. Toaster’s list – I see you rolling your eyes. This is fun. One day you just pull out a list of all those who have wooed you in the past and you relive these memories.

10. Gift list – who are the people you have promised to bless with gifts? Write down their names and proposed gifts.

11. Events list – well, begin to fill in events list for the month or the week if you happen to be a busy executive.

12. Meal plan – meal preps will simplify your life. Draw up a list of breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you have a history of sticking with it.

13. Movie list – what Netflix show or movies are you dying to see before the month runs out? Write them down and pull them out when you are about to go have some cinema fun.

14. Stress list – what’s on your mind lately? What’s causing you to worry, fret or become anxious. Declutter onto a stress list.

15. Inspirational list Рlist out all of the quotes that have motivated you in times past or keep adding to them when you see any. You can always refer to them in your downtime.

16. Scripture list – well, just as we have the quote list, the scripture list can serve as a help when you need to be pulled up. You can have a separate portion of your sermon note where you write scriptures from the service.

17. Book list – what are those books you want to buy very soon? This is like your book wish list. Who knows, someone might gift you one. Wishes come true.

18. Love list – this is the ultimate self-care list. Write all of the good things you like about yourself. This helps to heighten your self-awareness. You must love yourself enough if you are going to be giving.

19. Friend list – who are your favorite people? Write them down and set up a routine to call them often.

20. Budget list – allocate your spending for different purposes in a list.

21. Goal list – what do you hope to achieve in a year in your business, life, spiritual living, relationships? Some people refer to this as resolution list if it is drawn on the first day of the year. Oh well.

22. Priority list – set your priorities right with this list. This can be your to-do list just in an order of importance.

23. Debt list – I guess you have never thought about this before but if you owe people, it doesn’t matter if they are all your family members, it is embarrassing to not remember especially when they are expecting a payback. Also, write alongside a list of people who owe you so that you don’t have to forget who is supposed to pay you back and when.

24. Blog post list Рwell, this for Bloggers and they are also the same as blog post ideas. I have really great blog post ideas for a sizzling blog. 

25. Music list – write out songs you want to download and organize in your playlist.

So tell me, any list I missed? How do you work out things when you are overwhelmed?

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