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Linda Ikeji : Biography, Career, Blog, Net-worth and everything else

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The Famous media mogul Linda Ikeji goes by the full name of Linda Ifeoma Ikeji. She is a Nigerian blogger, entrepreneur and a successful Writer.

Linda Ikeji was born on the 19th day in September of 1980. Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is very popular and famous for her very successful Blog which is mostly based around News carriage, gossip about celebrities and entertainment generally.

She is presently 38 years old and hails from Nkwerre in Imo state Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji’s Blog/ Career

Her Website or Blog is located at Her Blog is really huge and it rakes in a whole lot of income for her.

She even started on a Subdomain on the Blogspot platform! But she has recently switched up to her own domain to which we gave the link above. Linda Ikeji is a really influential media personality in the Nigerian and African media industry.

She has garnered a lot of followers, fans, and people who look up to her for blogging guidance and advice so that they too can make it just like she did. Apart from blogging, writing and launching media brands, she is also a philanthropist and runs a non-profit organization.

She has received a lot of recognition and praise for her role in the blogging industry both in Nigeria and in Africa. She’s definitely a force to reckon with and a very popular and wealthy Nigerian woman. She also inspires other women to go out there and build themselves huge empires of their own and be the Queen of their own worlds.

She has demonstrated strength, zeal, and passion throughout her blogging and media career and it is indeed safe to say that Linda Ikeji embodies the definition of Strength as a lady.

Linda Ikeji’s Biography

Linda Ikeji pictures 2

Linda Ikeji hails from Nkwerre in Imo state Nigeria as stated before, and she was born and raised there. Her family is Catholic and she is the second child of seven children.

Nkwerre is a local government area in Imo, south eastern Nigeria. Many other families from the region are also Catholic in faith as pertaining to Christianity and Linda Ikeji’s family was definitely not an exception.

She started writing at the age of 10. Then, she used to write fictional stories – short ones as a hobby; she would give these stories to friends and family to read and review.

Linda Ikeji and her sister, Laura Ikeji

Also, she had a soft spot for News reporting and interviews and she was very interested in them as a child. Her family wasn’t too funded with money and they experienced lots of financial instability like many other Nigerian families can testify to.

She applied for Mass Communication at the University of Lagos when it was time to attend the tertiary institution. She applied to the University of Lagos but unfortunately for her, she wasn’t admitted for the course she wanted but was rather admitted to study the English Language.

It was due to her enthusiasm for News reporting and broadcasting, that she was inspired to choose Mass Communication as a preferred course to study at the University. But obviously, destiny had it planned for Linda Ikeji in a totally different way… Entirely…

Linda Ikeji’s Blogging Journey

Linda Ikeji pictures 3

While in school studying English language, Linda Ikeji worked different jobs just to support herself because her family wasn’t well-to-do in the financial aspect.

She gained admission into College, that is the University of Lagos at the age of 19. She did different jobs to support herself, from being an usher at occasions to being a waitress to being a model.

She really did well as a model. She had all it took a lady to be a top-notch model in Nigeria. She had the confidence, the classiness, the fashion sense and the beauty required to excel as a model in Nigeria.

At the time, modeling wasn’t too well paying in Nigeria But Linda Ikeji did it to feed herself through School and refused to engage in prostitution like many of her friends did Because she felt it took her dignity away.

At the time, she didn’t have any idea that she was going to be a well renowned Blogger in Nigeria yet. When she completed her University education she set up a modeling agency which she named Black Dove Communications. This name Black Dove was inspired by the name of the media company and brand in Nigeria popularly called Silver Bird.

Linda Ikeji pictures

This modeling agency thing and company that she set up wasn’t well-paying either. So, she started blogging for fun two years after graduation from the University. She is famously known for saying that, she did not go into blogging with the expectation to make money.

She said that she didn’t even think that she could make money from it at all but when she started getting a significant amount of views to her blog, for example, up to like 200 views in a day, she decided to take things seriously.

And she did take her blogging career seriously as it has now paid off very well for her. She was making a lot of money already with her blog that was even still a subdomain at the time!

Thousands of people from all over the world including Nigeria visited her blog and still visit her blog daily. People trooped in to her blog to get hot, spooky and smoking news all just on the screens of their mobile phones and computers.

Linda Ikeji is indeed a self-made millionaire – a multi-millionaire to be exact, and she makes most of her wealth through advertisements and endorsements on her blog. Companies are willing to pay large sums of money just to advertise their products on her well visited and high trafficking blog.

Linda Ikeji definitely had her share of disappointments in life. She had her share of disappointments, failures as well as difficulties at the starting of her blogging career. And also in life as well. But she made lemonade out of life’s lemons. She was determined to make it at all costs and she did! Linda Ikeji is indeed an ambitious woman.

She has also not too lately launched a social media network at, which is a social network platform for Nigerians to meet together to chat with their friends and to communicate. Linda Ikeji Social is very similar to

Linda Ikeji started blogging in 2006 and at the time, it was a hobby. She has also said that she used to borrow some cash to pay the Cyber Cafe in order for her to blog. Like we said earlier, her family was one of little means like some families in Nigeria.

As at that time in 2006, blogging was a totally new concept in Nigeria. Very few people blogged and so when she started her news blogging platform, people were really glad to find a place on the Internet where they could get hot news, steaming news in Nigeria as it dropped!

It was in 2007 that her blog started to know fame, a year after its inception. Now her blog is a name to reckon with in the Nigerian society and indeed in Africa.

Linda Ikeji’s blog originally started to be mostly a gossip Blog about Celebrities in Nigeria but as it grew, it expanded to be a blog that covered news, events, gossip and Nigerian entertainment in general. It has also covered Fashion and lifestyle posts too.

Currently, Linda Ikeji’s blog is ranked the 20th blog in Nigeria by Alexa ranking, and her blog’s page has a huge following on Twitter as well, with over 750,000 people following the page on Twitter.

She’s also quite popular on Facebook and on other social media networks as well. Also about her social media network that she launched, on the first day that it was launched over 50,000 people went on to sign up for the social network also she promised her fans freebies for signing up.

She is indeed very influential and lots of Nigerians like her. Her blogging career has indeed been a lucrative one we must say.

Personal Life of Linda Ikeji

Linda-Ikeji biography

Linda Ikeji is currently not dating anybody and she’s also currently not married. She believes that a person should not have sex outside of marriage and that a person should not have multiple partners for sex.

Linda Ikeji pregnant

She preaches celibacy until marriage for both men and women. Although she has come under fire recently since she got pregnant this year 2018 and has been delivered of a baby boy.

Lots of people criticized her because she wasn’t already married before she got pregnant. Lots of people also accused her of being a hypocrite and going against what she had previously preached.

Linda Ikeji's pregnancy

But she has come out to clear the air about her celibacy and pregnancy. She said that when she clocked 36 years of age she did not think it was smart to continue with the celibacy stance since one of the best gifts she could ever have, was her own child.

She said she prayed to God about her wanting a child and God indeed came to her rescue. Around the middle of September 2018, she came clean on the name of the father of her son who goes by the name, Sholaye Jeremi. She named her son, Jayce Jeremi.

Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy

Linda Ikeji's baby daddy

Sholaye Jeremi is a Delta oil magnate and businessman. Linda Ikeji’s son was delivered in Atlanta in the United States. Linda Ikeji shared the photos online for her fans to see on the day she was discharged from the hospital.

According to some reports, Sholaye Jeremi, Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy, has refused to marry Linda Ikeji due to some reasons not known to the public. But he was especially excited at the news of his son’s birth.

The billionaire first-time mum, Linda Ikeji shared a lot of her pregnancy journey online with her fans for them to follow and has obviously been blessed with the gift that she has always been asking God for, which is a child.

Sholaye Jeremi who is Linda Ikeji’s Baby-daddy is of the Itsekiri tribe. Linda Ikeji once described him as a tall, dark and handsome man and just left it at that to keep her fans guessing at who her Baby-daddy was.

Sholaye Jeremi is from Delta state Nigeria and is of the Itsekiri tribe as stated earlier. He is into the oil industry and is a billionaire oil magnate who lives in Lagos state, Nigeria and the exact location is actually Ikoyi where Linda Ikeji herself lives too.

Sholaye Jeremi is also associated with Nigeria’s current Minister of State for petroleum, Mr Ibe Kachikwu; this is just to show how influential he is. Rumours have been around too though that Linda’s Baby-daddy, Sholaye Jeremi might have a family outside of Nigeria and that Jaycee Jeremi, Linda’s son might not be his first child.

Linda Ikeji is nevertheless really happy to be a mother whether her Baby-daddy accepts the child or not.

Some other things you didn’t know about Linda Ikeji

1. Linda Ikeji recently bagged a doctorate’s degree from a University in the United States called Trinity International University of Ambassadors in Georgia.

The degree was an honorary one and she took to Instagram to share the news with her fans online and also pleaded to be referred to as Dr. Linda Ikeji from then on.

Linda Ikeji was given this award and an honorary degree for her work and immeasurable contribution to the media industry both in Nigeria and in Africa. She was also given the award for being the most successful Blogger in Africa.

2. Another thing you should know about Linda Ikeji is that she has her TV and online streaming service.

She officially launched a new venture in June 2018 this year. She hopes that her TV service will take the lead in Africa when it comes to online contents and materials.

On this online streaming service of hers, you can watch comedy shows, movies, dramas and reality shows that are up on her TV service.

The Linda Ikeji TV online streaming service will charge their customers on a monthly and yearly basis of subscription and they will be required to pay the fee to gain access to all of the contents available on the platform.

Do you think it’s cool? Definitely, it is! You can tap out of the cool contents on her online streaming service by visiting her channel at and you will find loads of content just for your entertainment.

Contents ranging from movies to reality shows, to comedy shows to TV series all on her online TV service. Linda Ikeji said in her Instagram post that her dream for was for it to become Africa’s own Netflix service from which you could watch loads and loads of contents and videos for just a small token fee. Reality shows like King Tonto, Toyin Abraham: True and Bare and a host of others, are all available on

3. Linda Ikeji has also had series of beef with notable Nigerian celebrities like Wizkid, Olamide, 9ice, Funke Akindele, Tonto Dikeh, Toke Makinwa and so on.

Her popular Beef with Wizkid was especially very significant. It happened way back in 2016 when Wizkid accused her of never publishing good stories about him but always publishing bad ones.

Wizkid then threatened to send his 16 year old cousin to go beat Linda Ikeji up. What happened later was that, Linda Ikeji reported Wizkid to the police and the Lagos State police summoned Wizkid and they did later settle their disagreement amicably with the Commissioner of Police for Lagos State intervening.

4. Kemi Olunloyo, a very controversial Nigerian journalist has also had repeated beefs with Linda Ikeji. She alleged recently that Linda Ikeji wore a fake Silicone baby bump to deceive her fans that she was pregnant and then hurried to hire a surrogate mother to cover up for her lie.


Whether the statement and allegation is true or not, nobody knows except Linda Ikeji herself.

5. What about Linda Ikeji’s net worth?

Linda Ikeji's house

Well, as we have earlier stated, Linda Ikeji has made a whole lot of money from blogging and she has purchased houses, cars, and properties with her money.

Her site is said to be worth seven figures in Naira. And she does live lavishly with her wealth. Linda Ikeji has a net worth of around N3.2 billion which is a whole lot of money!

Linda Ikeji's mansion

She has bought houses for her parents, specifically a duplex for her parents at Surulere in Lagos, Nigeria. She has also bought cars for herself and as well as for her family members with millions of Naira.


Linda Ikeji's cars

Linda Ikeji also has a garage which boasts of different types of cars and rides for Linda Ikeji. She also has a number of houses and lives in a seven-bedroom mansion on Lagos Island that costs more than 300 million naira. With all these, it is indeed safe to say that Linda had made a huge fortune out of blogging obviously.

6. Let’s talk more about Linda Ikeji’s philanthropy, shall we?

If we are saying that Linda Ikeji is a billionaire that spends a lot of on herself and her family, we should also mention that she is indeed a philanthropist.

She especially takes great interest in helping young girls and women. She takes a whole lot of interest in young girls who are willing to go into entrepreneurship and massively supports their ideas through funding.

She’s launched a project called, “I’d rather be self-made, No thanks!” and she has given out millions of Naira to support young ladies’ dreams.

7. Linda Ikeji is also a fierce supporter of Women and advocates against violence towards women.

Much of her philanthropy work goes to pushing women and young girls to aspire to greater heights and she does her very possible best to prove this.

Linda Ikeji also showed how much she cares for the welfare of women when she stated during her feud with Wizkid that the reason why she reported to the Police about Wizkid’s threat is that, once she does so, it will teach men and boys out there to always respect women.

Wizkid threatened to send his 16 years old cousin to go beat Linda Ikeji up. And Linda thought that the threat was not only to her but showed how much abuse women go through in the Nigerian society due to what some Nigerian men put them through in terms of violence.

We indeed can learn a lot from Linda Ikeji’s ongoing life story. From her philanthropy to her journey to success, to the amount of work she put in to become a successful person in life, we all can have one or two lessons to pick up.

We appreciate what she has put into society and how much she has given back to society as well. She is definitely going to greater places.

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