A Guide to Lekki Conservation Centre (2)

A guide to touring Lekki Conservation Centre

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In the year 1990, 28 years ago, Lekki Conservation Centre, a Natural Resource Conservation in Lekki, Lagos State, was established. It was built by the Chevron Corporation for the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF). It is a 78-hectare expanse of land.

Lekki Conservation Centre is one of the most sought-after hangout, relaxation and fun spots in Lagos state. We don’t know if this has anything to do with the fact that it has the longest canopy walkway in the whole of Africa but it is definitely a factor.

Rarely does anyone go to Lekki Conservation Centre without returning with pictures of them in the canopy walkway. Well, this is asides from the giant, live games area and fun spots people take photoshoots at.

You can’t miss the scenery and Instagram worthy environment of the Lekki Conservation Centre. LCC is that very first hangout spot many Lagosians think of when they think of fun. Who wouldn’t?

An experience at LCC is worth it. The average Nigerian needs time away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos once in a while.

If what I have to do to escape loud horns and incessant cursing from drivers and passengers is get to a more relaxed environment, I would choose Lekki Conservation Centre. At least, it is a more coordinated kind of bustle in there. Everyone has a common goal- to have fun.

Lekki Conservation Centre Address

19 Lekki – Epe Expy, Lekki Penninsula II, Lekki

How to get to Lekki Conservation Centre

From Yaba

  • At Yaba, board one of the yellow buses going to Obalende. This will cost you around 100- 150 Naira
  • Alight at Obalende Park and board one of the buses going to Lekki/Ajah.
  • Tell the conductor you are going to Conservation bus stop. This will cost you around 200-250 Naira.
  • From Lekki Conservation bus stop, you just walk to your destination, LCC

From Iyana Ipaja

It will be much cheaper and easier to take the Lagos BRT buses if you are going to LCC from Iyana Ipaja.

  • Board a BRT bus going to CMS. This should cost 200-250 Naira.
  • Alight at CMS BRT stop and take one of the buses going to Lekki/Ajah. This should cost 200-250 Naira.
  • Alight at Conservation bus stop and walk to LCC

Lekki Conservation Centre Gate Fee/ Entrance Fee

The basic gate fee (just for entry) for Lekki Conservation Centre is 1,000 Naira. If you would like to go for the canopy walk, you will have to pay another 1,000 Naira. To access the reservation/picnic area, you will pay a fee of 1,000 Naira.

This means that to get into Lekki Conservation Centre, you need only 1,000 Naira but if you would like the fuller option of exploring every bit of the centre, you should budget for 3,000 Naira.

What to wear to Lekki Conservation Centre

Usually, your normal fun clothing is good enough to wear. Just make sure it is light and free on you. There can be a lot of heat sometimes. You don’t want to be uncomfortable having fun.

For your footwear, it is better to wear flats, slippers, toe slips or sneakers. This will make it easy for you to navigate and walk for as long as you want, especially on the canopy walkway.

Lekki Conservation Centre Contact Details

P.O.Box 74638, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Phone numbers: +234-1-8160091, 8816969, 4746375,
4718693, 07028469598, 07028507912
E-mail: info@ncfnigeria.org or media@ncfnigeria.org
Website: http://www.ncfnigeria.org

Fun Things to do at Lekki Conservation Centre

1. Walk on the canopy walkway

canopy walkway at lekki conservation centre

The canopy walkway is the longest in Africa and this is why it is the hallmark of LCC. You don’t want to go and come back without having had your feet grace the walkway.

With a fee of 1,000 Naira, you have access to this area. If you are younger than 14 or older than 65 years of age, you are not allowed to use the canopy walkway.

If you are indeed afraid of heights, this might be something you want to forgo. There are other fun things you can do at Lekki Conservation Centre.

2. Host a picnic

Remember that you have to pay a sum of 1,000 Naira to have access to the picnic area. The picnic area has different huts that are cool enough to relax after your tour of LCC.

If you are brainstorming a good hangout for your family or loved ones or your colleagues, you can plan a picnic getaway at Lekki Conservation Centre.

3. Play giant board games

large board games at Lekki conservation centre

One very remarkable thing about LCC is board games. A lot of people look forward to cooling off by playing live, giant board games. You have the chess board, the Snake and ladder board as well as the Ludo board to play with. It’s mostly for fun, winning might not be a goal as the pieces are too big to cause you to concentrate.

4. Do a photoshoot at LCC

photoshoots at lekki conservation centre

The environment is really great for photo shoots if you are considering having one. Some people have done their pre-wedding photo shoots here in times past.

If you have a good camera or are coming with your cameraman/photographer, make sure to have as many clothes you want to change into for your shoot.

5. Animal hunt

If you are not afraid of animals, you can have fun chasing and playing around. Monkeys are the most popular animal side attraction at LCC. You can wrap one or two things in your backpack to give the monkeys.

6. Propose

Source: Jumia Travel

If you find yourselves a find and cool spot, you can finally propose to the one you want to spend your future with. It is advisable that you go some days earlier to plan the spot you would like to do this to avoid unforeseen and unplanned eventualities. The game area and in the woods are very good spots to propose in Lekki Conservation Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lekki Conservation Centre

Can you get food and drinks at LCC?

Yes, you can buy your food and drinks if you don’t want to bring along your own food.

It is, however, advisable to pack your own snacks because you might not like to have what’s available at Lekki Conservation Centre. The better option is always to come to LCC with your own food.

Another reason why you would want to bring along your own food and drinks or light snack is that the prices of things at LCC is a bit overboard and slightly outrageous.

Are children allowed to walk on the canopy walkway?

No. They have to be 14 years and above to use the canopy walkway. Children younger than that cannot ply it.

How much is the gate fee for children?

Children in between the ages of 1-10 pay 200 Naira only while teen between the ages of 11-17 pay 300 Naira.

What is the best time to visit Lekki Conservation Centre?

LCC opens from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm every day. If you want to enjoy this place, it is better to go as early as possible or late in the evening. It’s a pity you cannot stay later than 5 pm, it would have been the best bet as this place gets really hot.

What time of the year is best to come to Lekki Conservation Centre?

Well, this depends on how well you enjoy nature. Most people would love to go during the dry season. This is the best time actually to visit LCC. If you would, however, love to see how a wet mangrove looks like during the rainy season, you might dare a visit to LCC.

Do photographers have to pay for a photoshoot at LCC?

Apart from the normal/basic gate fee and entrance fee into some other parts of the conservation centre, you are free to take your photo shoots. If you are however taking bigger, commercial photo shoots, you should contact the management of Lekki Conservation Centre for a permit.

Fun Spots at LCC || The Fisayo

The Fisayo has a really nice video of places you can visit at Lekki Conservation Centre.

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