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Lanre Olusola a.k.a. The Catalyst : Biography, Career and Life

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Lanre Olusola, popularly known as The Catalyst is a Nigerian Life Coach who is very popular for his counseling and mentoring skills in the field of Psychology in Nigeria. His full name is Olanrewaju Christopher Olusola. And apart from being a life coach, he is also a wellness mentor and he guides people to achieve their goals.

Early Life of Lanre Olusola

Mr. Olanrewaju Olusola was born in Ekiti state, South West Nigeria to his parents Mr. Christopher Kupoluyi and Mrs. Caroline. He was born on the 30th day in August 1967. But unfortunately for Mr. Lanre Olusola, he lost his father at a very young age.
Lanre Olusola’s father died when he was still at the tender age of two years. He disclosed this in an interview with He said his mother tried her possible best to be both a father figure and a mother figure for him. Lanre Olusola also said that his mother ensured that he spent enough time around the male members of the family including his uncles. He said his mother did all these in order to ensure that he grew up to be a complete young man.
Lanre Olusola attended his primary and secondary school education in Lagos and then moved on to the University of Lagos his alma mater, to study Structural Engineering and Project Management. He graduated from the University of Lagos in the year 1990.
It is worth mentioning that he attended Igbobi College in Lagos for his secondary school education. Obviously, Lanre Olusola didn’t have the smoothest and easiest childhood. He went through ups and downs and he even had to grow up into an adult without his father, Since his father died at such a young age. But Lanre Olusola has obviously ended up well.

Lanre Olusola’s Education

Apart from attending Igbobi College for his secondary school education, he also attended the University of Lagos for his tertiary education. Just like we stated earlier, after the university, Lanre Olusola traveled out to Europe and attended a coaching academy.
He enrolled at the Coaching Academy in Europe and he also attended Harvard Business School in the US. He’s a well-trained Life Coach. It is worth mentioning that lots of people that have attended the Harvard Business School have become prominent and highly esteemed people all over the world. It has come to show in Lanre Olusola’s Life that his decision to take up a field in Psychotherapy and Coaching was indeed the best step for him at the time.


Lanre Olushola
Lanre Olusola became even more popular when he offered his valuable skills during the misunderstanding that popular Nigerian Female artist Tiwa Savage had with her then-husband, Teebillz. He really helped the former couple tremendously through counseling, psychotherapy and reconciliation tactics.
Apart from this famous couple, he has also impacted so many lives through his various coaching programs. Lanre Olusola has a professional website that you can visit to know more about him and his coaching services at On this website, you will get a whole lot of information about how to contact him, his range of services and lots more.
Lanre Olusola has launched a book called “The Money Book- Lessons from the Rich and Poor“. Where he talks about how to elevate your economic and financial status from being poor to being rich. He gives life advice to his readers and also gives them tips on how to climb up the wealth ladder. Lanre Olusola is popularly known as The Catalyst. He is arguably one of the best psychotherapists in Nigeria and is also obviously the most popular.
Lanre Olusola has his coaching academy called OLCA which means Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy. Through this Academy, he helps people come to the full realization of their inner potentials. He also trains people to become effective life coaches as well. Apart from being a wellness mentor and a Life Coach, Lanre Olusola is also the executive director of Ebonylife TV. At Ebonylife TV, it is said that he provides free coaching for the members of the staff and also to the guests as well.
Olusola also has lots of publications in Nigerian newspapers especially Guardian Nigeria newspaper. Olusola also hosts a talk show on Beat 99.9 FM and the talk show is called “Be All You Can Be”. Apart from that Talk Show on 99.9 FM, he has also hosted “Uncensored Talk” which is another talk show on Lagos Talks, 91.3 FM. This is a weekly program by him. Lanre Olusola runs several Talk Shows and has appeared numerous times both on TV and on Radio.
Lanre Olusola’s career as a Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist and Life Coach has been one that has indeed been fruitful. He is also the mentor to several upcoming Nigerian Psychologists and Life coaches and is an inspiration to many. His book called The Money Book- Lessons from the Rich and the Poor was released in August 2015 and has since received lots of positive reviews from its readers. He featured several experts on the book including Omilola Oshikoya a wealth coach, and Nimi Akinkugbe a finance expert. The Money Book is available on Jumia Nigeria and is also available on Amazon in its Ebook format.

Family Life

lanre olushola

Lanre Olusola is happily married with children. He has two daughters. The name of his wife is Modupe. Lanre Olusola became a biological father at the age of 38. In an interview with, he said that it was a great joy to be a father even though he was already a father figure to many other people at the time.
Lanre Olusola and his wife Modupe celebrated their 16th year anniversary early this year in 2018 and they have been blessed with two children, two girls exactly. He also disclosed that one of the best blessings and lessons that fatherhood has taught him so far is the ability to be selfless.
Lanre Olushola
He also advocates strongly for women and encourages men to always support their female partners every time, as the importance of women in the society cannot be overemphasized. Lanre Olusola has also emphasized his love for his personal family and his wife.
We hope you enjoyed this biography of Lanre Olusola. You should definitely learn a few lessons from his life’s story.

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